A moment in time with Annie Everingham

A moment in time with Annie Everingham

6th May 2024
  1. In conversation— With mother, artist & friend of the brand, Annie Everingham

    We sat down to speak with mother, creative & Newcastle based artist, Annie Everingham to find out what motherhood means to her in 2024.

    Drawn by her son Augie, Annie wears our Hand Drawn Heart Necklace, a sentimental piece crafted with love—destined to be cherished for a lifetime.

    Keep reading for our conversation.

"Motherhood was always something I couldn’t conceptualise past the baby stage before I became a mother, but gosh it’s just this incredible, ever-evolving state of being that is pretty hard to articulate.

The contradictions, the intensity of it, good and bad - I’m quite a sentimental person and I feel things deeply, so watching these little people become themselves and experiencing all the personal growth and challenges that comes with that is pretty remarkable.

I mostly just feel so incredibly lucky and can’t believe their mine."

—Annie Everingham

  1. What is the biggest lesson your son Augie has taught you?

    "Augie humbled me in so many ways, haha!

    He is a firecracker. It might be a cliche these days, but the biggest lesson for me has been to surrender—surrender to the messiness and imperfection and the transience of it all.

  1. One piece of advice that you would share to other mums & mums to be?

    "To challenge your own conditioning and the perpetuated ‘perfect mother’ myth. Lean in to what feels right, break the rules and do it your way."

  1. What did your career look like prior to becoming a mother? Did your career change at all after welcoming your children?

    "I am very fortunate to have the flexibility in my work to slow down and enjoy this time while my kids are young, but I do miss the energy I get from creating and being apart of that world.

    I just find it so hard to tap into my creative zone when I’m distracted or only able to work in short bursts, so I have had to give myself some grace and accept that now is not my time to move mountains or grow my business or create amazing things, while also recognising that it’s a privilege I can take a hiatus from working at all.

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