BORN • with @laurennburns

What month were you born in?

Where did you grow up?
Terrigal, NSW, 2260

What did you want to be when you 'grew up'?
I wanted to be an ice cream truck driver.... huge ambitions, I know!

What would you tell your 5 year old self?
To absolutely make the most of every moment and not wish your life away. I used to always look forward to growing up and shopping in the ‘adult section’ with mum and looking back I wish I appreciated the luxuries of being a kid more. It is truly a sacred age and no one should want to grow up, it happens quick enough as it is!

What is something that you have learnt about yourself growing up?
To not let other people’s opinion affect me. In my teen years particularly, I was very insecure and always worried what others would think of me. As soon as I let that go I have flourished. I have started standing up for myself, taking chances and grasping at opportunities. I’m a completely changed person from when I was an adolescent and I could not be more grateful that it turned me into the strong minded woman I am today!

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