Connell from Normal People's silver chain

After starting the series last night and noticing a distinctive style of chain, I started googling and turns out, so did everyone else.

Normal People

Stan's Normal People follows the on-again, off-again love story of two teen-agers in the small fictional town of Carricklea, in the west of Ireland. Paul Mescal, a twenty-four-year-old Irish actor, plays the handsome and insecure Connell Waldron, a popular sports star with budding anxiety issues. Connell falls for Marianne Sheridan, played with painful sensitivity by the twenty-one-year-old English actress Daisy Edgar-Jones. Marianne is an intelligent loner from a wealthy family, who lives in the mansion that Connell’s mother cleans, and this difference in their social stations creates a hum of tension beneath their daily interactions. 

But the real star of the series has been Connell's chain, a stand out yet subtle diamond curb chain. The chain has an instagram account which has 150 thousand followers. 

Where to buy Connell's silver chain?

The great news is that not only do we sell a chain that is the same style and design as Connell Waldron but most jewellers will be able to show you something similar. The style is a 3mm diamond curb chain with a lobster claw clasp.

The skill will be in choosing a length of chain. To do this, take a piece of string (or chain you have access to) and hold where you want the chain to sit. Connell's sits just above his collar bone line and is probably around 40-45cm.

The measure the length and choose a chain closest in length. Our chains come in 5cm breaks.


References: Normal People excerpt from The New Yorker.

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