Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Wedding Band for Him

Finding a wedding band for him can be an undeniably difficult decision. Just like we get a million questions about engagement rings, we also often hear inquiries about his ring too. 

Who buys it? What metal should it be? Where do you even get a nice one? For something so seemingly simple, there are a lot of factors to consider. 

Typically, men’s wedding bands are much more simplistic than women’s — but that doesn't mean they should miss out on all the fun. Armed with the right knowledge, you can make a decision that feels equally as deliberate as her wedding rings. After all, the wedding is about both the bride and groom. 

To help you in your search for the perfect men’s wedding band, we’ve answered some of the most common questions that we come across. All things considered, we’re biased towards the Wide Wedding Band for him, made even more special with the wedding date engraved inside. But we understand the choice may require a little more consideration. 

To get a grasp on the world of men’s wedding bands, keep reading to learn more about the different options, pricing and more. 

Popular Men’s Wedding Band Styles

Although it may seem that men have far less choice in-ring styles than women, there are still plenty of options to choose from. These are just a few of the most popular options:

  • Classic: Classic men’s wedding bands are typically plain and crafted from only one metal. The metal is usually polished, resulting in a shiny finish, with the width ranging anywhere from 1.5 - 12 millimetres. 
  • Modern: Modern men’s bands usually feature a unique detail or two in a departure from the classic style. A few ways of changing it up include using two-toned metals or opting for an asymmetrical shape. Oftentimes, a matte finish is considered more modern than a high-polish. 
  • With Diamonds: Diamonds aren’t just for the ladies! Both classic and modern men’s wedding bands can easily incorporate diamonds without looking overly feminine. Whether it’s a single stud inlaid on the band or a row of small diamonds to adorn it, there are many men out there opting for their own diamond rings too. 

Which Metal is Best for a Man’s Wedding Band?

Just like with women’s bands, the choice of metal is up to the individual. Based on personal preference and lifestyle, you can narrow it down to decide which option suits you best. 

  • Platinum: Platinum is a popular choice for men’s wedding bands, given the fact that it’s more durable than any gold counterparts. It does come at a cost, though, literally. Platinum rings will cost more than gold versions, given that the metal is rarer and denser. 
  • White Gold: If you want to opt for gold but still prefer a light colour, white gold is the one for you. It’s not as strong as platinum but still looks shiny and bright. Considered more modern than yellow gold, it may be better matched with the jewellery you already have. 
  • Yellow Gold: For the man who wants to keep things classic, yellow gold is the best bet. However, it’s not as strong as platinum or rose gold — so you will need to be more careful with it. 
  • Rose Gold: Because rose gold contains both gold and copper, it is stronger than the white and yellow versions. Rose gold has gained popularity in recent years and will give you a unique spin on the classic style. 

How Wide Should a Men's Wedding Band Be?

Choosing the correct width for a wedding band is perhaps the most important detail. Go too narrow and you risk the ring looking too dainty when worn. Go too wide and the ring might look a bit too flashy. On average, however, 6 millimetres is a size that suits most men. One guide guideline to go by is considering your finger width. If you have slim fingers, you can certainly consider something slightly smaller, but if you have wide fingers a wide band will likely suit you better. 

How Much Should You Spend on a Man’s Wedding Band? 

When compared with women’s wedding bands and engagement rings, men’s wedding bands don’t look too bad at all. According to Modern Gents, men's wedding bands usually fall within the range of $389- $547. Of course, how much you spend is up to you but knowing the ballpark range can help you when comparing options. If you have your heart set on one metal or another, keep in mind that its one of the biggest factors in play when it comes to cost. 

Who Buys The Man’s Wedding Band

According to old traditions, it’s said that the woman should buy the man’s wedding band and he should buy hers. The ring is then presented to the man on the wedding day, so while the bride wears an engagement ring before the big day, the groom only gets his ring on the day-of. Today, attitudes are changing, and more and more couples are looking at rings as joint investments. It’s not uncommon for brides to be a part in selecting and designing their own rings — and the same goes for men. If you want to keep things classic, let the bride fork it out for the groom’s band, but otherwise, just do whatever is the best financial fit. 

Custom Men's Wedding Bands

Perhaps the most frustrating part of shopping for men's wedding bands is the limited selection of styles to choose from. After a while, they all start looking the same: too cold, too industrial, or too boring. If you have something more special in mind and are struggling to find anything similar, a custom wedding band will likely be your best bet. Whether you want to design it from scratch, re-make an old piece, or add engravings to an already-existing style, we’re always happy to discuss options with you. 

Simply contact us via email, phone, or the form on our website and we can get the ball rolling. 

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