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We are super thrilled to have our first intern working with us all the way from Le Mans. Jeanne is with us from April until July and let us know what's happening in fashion right now in her home country of France.


The Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Weeks just went by in France and new trends are already coming in stores. In France, your style is considered as what defines you and so this is what you will be judged on by anyone. That’s why Fashion means a lot to French people and why they take it very seriously.

France, but mostly Paris has been considered for centuries as the Capital of Fashion and this industry is still the most important in France nowadays. But across these years, French Fashion may have changed.

For a long time, French Fashion was very coded. French women and men had to follow a lot of rules to be called fashionable.  Now French people still follow some rules but they are being more creative.

So here are some of the most trendy styles that French women wear for 2019.

1. Romantic Tops and puffed sleeves

In this Spring-Summer season, these really cute tops are literally everywhere in France.  Whether they are embroidered, satiny or see through, they are very trendy and lots of women wear them. These very elegant pieces can be wear for any occasions such as events but also just a day out in the city.     



2. Neon Look

Since the beginning of the year with winter, the Neon look has been very trendy in France. We saw people wearing flashy yellow, pink or even green pullovers. But with spring this trend still seems to be popular. We now see flashy blazers, tops and even belt and bags. French people can wear just a simple neon piece which is adding a streetwear touch to any elegant and classic outfit. Matching very classic outfits such as blazers to a more streetwear piece such as neon belt is what makes people fashionable. But the total neon look does exists and is even becoming very trendy as summer is getting closer.



3. The 2 pieces outfits

Wearing a blazer with jeans has always been a classic, but since a few months the matching pieces are very trendy in France. We can see women and even men wearing suits outfits. They can be in any colors whether it is normal colors or neon colors, satin,  or even with animal print (which is also very trendy at the moment !). Women wear them with high-heels shoes or sneakers. Wearing them with sneakers will break the classic and elegant but trendy look of a suit to make it even more trendy than it is already.




4. “Natural” bags

“Natural” bags are one the most trendy accessories at the moment. We’ve seen last year natural bags made with bamboo but this year they are made with straw. Even though they seem perfect for a day at the beach, it is very common in French major cities to seem them wear with blazers and high-heels shoes. Lots of luxury stores like Jacquemus did a collection dedicated to those bags.


5. Squared tip sandals

Mules and sandals are probably the most wear types of shoes wear by women in summer. But this year, sandals with a squared tip at the front will sure be the perfect shoes to be fashionable this summer. We can already see them everywhere, wear with suits, dresses or shorts.


6. Cyclist shorts

First seen on celebrities like Kylie Jenner, cyclist shorts inspired lots of French couture stores. Originally being a sportswear piece, it became a piece to add to very elegant clothes such as high-heels shoes and blazers. It takes part now in creating a very elegant outfit.



7. Oversized Trousers

This year, old oversized trousers are very unique and trendy pieces that became a must have to any French Fashion addict. These trousers look a lot like men old working suits and match perfectly with satin blouse and a old fashion belt. This vintage piece is now considered as modern  and is an essential in women wardrobes. This piece is perfect for Spring and we can already see it everywhere in the streets and on social medias.



8. Oval Sunglasses

In the last few months sunglasses became a piece in its own right and we have seen them in so many shapes , squared, round, rectangular and so on. But, the trendy shapes for this year sunglasses is oval or cat’s eye.

This is also a vintage piece that is coming back this year as a modern one. This shape goes with any looks and add a special touch to any outfits.


9. Short Jeans jacket

This trend is very common in Spring 2019 in France especially on the young people. They exist in every color, neon included, and can be wear with anything.


10. Head accessories

Headbands, cap, head scarf or hair clips are also a must have in Fashion. Lots of french women wear head accessories with their outfits at the moment in order to finish the look. Again this pieces are perfect to match with an outfit from another style. Wearing hair clips with a more streetwear style will break the style and add a more elegant and classic touch to it which makes the look even more well-made.






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