Jewellery from around the world

As a Jewellery company, we love looking at jewellery trends from all over the world. And what’s better for that than looking at some of our favourite influencers looks on social medias. From Australia and New Zealand to Europe by way of America, we’ve selected a few influencers jewellery looks that we love and taken a look at the differences from continent to continent.

Australia and New Zealand.

    As an Australian Jewellery company, Australian and New Zealand trends are what we are the most aware of.

    We know that fine designs for Jewellery such as pendant for necklaces or hanging down earrings and even small rings are very popular especially in a beautiful gold color. Having jewellery pieces completes any looks and if these pieces are fine it gives a little chic touch to the outfit.

    Here are some of our favourite looks from @sherlockdiary ‘s instagram and which show some of the best jewellery trends in Australia.



      Even if some jewellery style in Europe are very the similar and even the same sometimes as the Australian jewellery trends such as fine gold pieces, there is currently in Europe, a very popular trend which is geometrical jewellery. We can see this trend everywhere, especially earrings with square and round shapes.       

      Silver and rose gold pieces are also very popular.    

      As for bracelets, charms bracelets are very common and especially because you can personalise them to make them match any outfit and any season.

      On some necklaces, rings and even earrings, a new trend has come and is a mixture of new and old. Indeed, old style lockets are very popular nowadays to put on necklace chains and earrings and rings.

      Here are some jewellery looks worn by European influencers such as @biancaderhy and @kenzasmg.


        In America, just as the other continents, fine and gold necklaces are popular.

        Charms bracelets can also be seen on a few instagram posts such as @gabriellazacche's post. It looks like this kind of jewellery is going to make a comeback in 2019.

        As for earrings, sizeable jewellery is on. We see long pendant earrings but also earrings with a round shape which looks gorgeous with any hairstyles, tied up or pushed down.  

        Again, the most seen colour is gold. 

        We have selected a few posts from a few of our favourite American bloggers, @kaitlynoelle @jessthrowiton_ @gabriellazacche and,  to illustrate the jewellery trends in America.



          Jewellery trends in Asia are a little bit different from what we have seen so far.

          First and foremost, jewellery looks are more discreet. We rarely see looks with sizeable earrings or necklaces.

          In the world, gold colour for jewellery is really popular whereas in Asia we are more likely to see silver or white gold jewellery pieces.

          But there is one thing that remain similar to other continent : the fineness.We can see below, fine necklaces and earrings are in most looks.

          This is a few looks from @chiamhuiy and @mikaelamartinez instagrams. 



            In Africa, jewellery trends are very different. African jewellery pieces are brightly coloured and often dramatic.

            African outfits are often beautfully coloured so coloured jewellery pieces match them perfectly. Moreover a lot of earrings for example are similar to European trends with their geometrical forms.

            Here are some fashion posts from @vitalunaspirit @fantastyck and @farida.saidou.

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