How is Jewellery made?

At Kate & Kole we combine traditional techniques with modern technologies to create your made to order piece. When we design a collection we start by sketching on paper and then we take our drawings into a 3D modelling program to start to build the 3D form.

3D modelling is basically building a 3D shape by adding and subtracting parts. For a ring design we usually start with a square or round band depending on the range and then start to manipulate the shape. We then create the piece that is attached to the band. This is done by using simple shapes like cubes, cylinders and spheres and then creating positive and negative pieces.

To create our current feature ring Ace, we simply connected a solid sphere to a round thin band. However to create a piece like Ruby we started with two overlapping 6 point stars and then created a tear shaped cookie cutter to shape the final piece. The star peaked at the larger part of the tear creating the final design. We then simulate a hand to make sure each piece is comfort fit with no pieces invading the negative space. 

We then size every ring. We offer seven sizes at Kate & Kole ranging from an internal diameter of 44mm to 59.5mm so each ring needs to be resized so it can be ordered in each variety.

We then mark each of the rings as either 9K for orders in gold and 925 for orders in silver. We also put our K&K logo on if the ring is large enough for it to be read.

Once our rings are sized and marked they are ready for export. We save them as STL files and name them by style name and size.

When we get an order we take the corresponding file and send it to be 3D printed. If the piece is silver we send it to our New York supplier who prints and casts it. If the piece is gold, we send it to our Sydney supplier. We use Sydney for our gold pieces as we have found the process to be easier to manage and quicker for our Australian customers. It is still more competitive for our silver pieces to be created in New York but we hope to bring all out manufacturing back to Australia soon.

Our silver pieces come back finished and ready to be packaged however our gold pieces come back as a raw cast, so they need to be tidied up and finished. This involves removing the spur that is left over from the casting process and polishing the piece.

We then set any stones if required and your piece is ready to go.

We love making our jewellery and to keep our prices down, everything is made to order. As you can see from the above, it is quite a complex little process and that's why our waiting times are as long as they are. We are constantly trying to improve this. If you have a deadline you need to make and the wait is too long. Please let us know and we can either assist you by fast tracking the process or we may have a suitable piece in stock for you.

Thoughtfully composed with modern values, Kate & Kole are reimagining the defines of a coastal design studio.

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