How to work with Infuencers

We absolutely adore our influencer community and we know in our heart of hearts that Kate & Kole wouldn't be what it is today without them. We feel so grateful to work with an amazing group of people and 99 times in 100 the relationship is flawless.

Working with influencers usually happens like this...

We either find a blogger or influencer on instagram and reach out to them or they find us and send us a direct message. If our brands align we talk to them about what sort of product they like, what their style is and find a piece that is a good match. The size of their following and engagement of their community comes into play a little bit here. If they have a large following and great engagement, say between 500-1000 likes per post, we are usually happy to gift a larger piece as we are more likely to receive a sale from their post. If the following is smaller or they are still building their community we usually gift a piece of slightly lesser value but we find that influencers with smaller followings are more likely to post more often, a smaller following can be just as powerful.

We talk to our influencers about a $100 for 1 post goal. So if a piece of jewellery is valued at $500 we we hope to see five posts over the course of three months. This lets us treat the gift more like an advert, it helps with our budgeting and is more measurable.

This is not something we enforce it is just setting up our expectations. In our early days of gifting pieces to influencers we would often get a very positive initial response and then when it came to posting content we might see a brief story or sometimes nothing at all. This just upsets us, creates more admin, as we are chasing and following up, and leaves feeling like fools. And no one likes feeling like a fool.

We love our influencers and we LOVE seeing our jewellery out in the wild and in your posts, they way you interpret our jewellery makes our hearts flutter. If you would like to be an influencer with Kate & Kole we have a little section in our FAQs for you to read. As we said, we don't enforce this, we just say it out loud so everyone is across it.

We hope that is OK x

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