It's not cheap.

At Kate & Kole we have made the decision to use high quality materials in all of our pieces, but especially for our rings. About a year ago we tested gold plating on a range of rings and the results were disastrous. The plating failed and our customers were extremely disappointed.

As a result of this we have decided to only produce solid gold and silver rings. This also comes with it's own challenges. Silvers are not created equal, and in the past few weeks we have decided to upgrade our silver rings to an even higher grade silver than pure 925 silver. We now use a silver that contains Palladium. This silver is non tarnishing and scratch resistant. It is also three times the price of 925 silver. So if you've noticed a little price jump in some of our pieces, you now know why. 

Image by the super talented Just Film

Later this year we are going to release a range of bracelets and necklaces that will be offered in a gold plate finish. We have worked incredibly hard to find a plater that is able to offer us the level of quality finish we are after. They are able to do what is called a hard-gold plating which is three time the thickness of normal gold plating.

If it was up to us we would only ever sell solid pieces. However, I recently wandered into a store that I won't name and picked up a pair of really nice hoop earrings. They were $14.95. And I honestly though "F**k. How can we compete". 

The reality is that we can't. But we can make some small changes to our current products that can handle it. And that is pieces that don't come into contact with water a soap numerous times a day. It's silly to expect people to remove their rings every time they wash their hands or do their make up. 

They will still be made with a solid silver base, ensuring they are still a quality pieces of jewellery.

Soon we will be updating our care instructions to include our plated pieces. We will offer a 30 day guarantee on all plating. We will be offering a plated version of all bracelets and pendants as well as the regular solid options. Rings and Earrings will still only be offered in solid gold.

We do understand that a piece of jewellery can just be for fun and the option to purchase a solid piece is not always possible.

There are lots of ways to preserve your jewellery. You can read our care guides here. We also offer a maintenance service. Have your solid piece re-polished for a small fee. Or have your plated re-plated if you've started to notice your gold has started to wear or tarnish. For any repairs or maintenance please contact us.

Thoughtfully composed with modern values, Kate & Kole are reimagining the defines of a coastal design studio.

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