The Best Jewellery With Meaning to Gift for a Super Special Christmas Gift

It’s that time of year again: Christmas decorations are popping up in shops, workplaces are having holiday parties, and suddenly your social calendar is filled to the brim. 

Among all the commotion that surrounds the holiday season, it can be easy to overlook just how much time and effort Christmas shopping can require. While it’s easy enough to pick up a generic gift and call it a day, choosing something that's actually meaningful entails a bit more thoughtfulness. 

To make things a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up a list of the best jewellery with meaning you can shop this holiday season. Here you’ll find plenty of ideas to get the gears churning, without spending needless hours roaming around your local shopping centre. Sounds like a win/ win, doesn’t it?

Keep scrolling to see our top choices for Christmas gifts that they’ll cherish for years to come. 

Jewellery With Meaning to Gift This Christmas

Engraved Jewellery

Engraved jewellery is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of something extra-special. Though it only costs an extra $35, custom engraving can make a piece feel astronomically more meaningful. 


We especially love seeing engravings that go beyond traditional initials. Whether it's a meaningful word, image, or combination of letters that mean something special to the wearer, the possibilities for engraving are endless. 


Perfect pieces for engraving include: 


Personalised Jewellery

Similar in concept, personalised jewellery also makes for quite a meaningful Christmas gift. If you’re not too sure about the idea of engraving, there are plenty of other ways to add that personal touch. 

Birthstones make any jewellery more special and can be worn in subtle ways, to impress even the most minimalist jewellery wearer. Our tiny birthstone necklace is classic and elegant, with a stone embedded into a solid gold or silver charm. Gift your friend, family or partner a necklace with the stone corresponding to their birth month to add that little something extra. 


Still considering it? Another way to easily personalise jewellery is with letter charms. Just like engraving, you can gift letter charms to abbreviate or spell out anything you’d like. We love the way our tiny letter charms look either on separate layered necklaces, or all strung on the same chain.  


The best personalised gifts are: 


Custom Jewellery

If you’re looking for something even more meaningful, perhaps it’s time to consider custom jewellery. By working with us to design your own piece, you can ensure that your gift is truly one of a kind. 


While the deadline for ordering custom jewellery in time for Christmas has already passed, we happen to think there’s nothing wrong with gifting something so special a little bit late. Nothing is more exciting than a bit of anticipation, so why not gift a card at Christmas with the promise of something special coming soon?


When it comes to creating custom jewellery, the possibilities are endless. First, we consult with you to get an idea of what you have in mind, then work together throughout the process to ensure that your vision comes together perfectly. 


A few of our favourite custom jewellery ideas:

  • Taking a classic style and adding special elements to make it unique
  • Using recycled metal from an old family heirloom
  • Designing a ring around your favourite stone
  • Remodelling/ remaking an already-existing piece 
  • Fusing contemporary and classic looks into one coherent design 


To talk more about custom designs, book an appointment with us to chat through your idea and find out how we can help make it a reality. 


Christmas Timings

Our current turn around time to fulfil orders can be up 6 weeks.  This unfortunately means that orders placed after the 16th of November without our Priority Service are unlikely to be made and sent before Christmas.

If you ordered between the 17th and 30th of November and added our Priority Service we will be aiming to dispatch your order before the 17th of December.

If you place an order between the 1st and 7th of December and are hoping to receive your order for Christmas you will need to add our Christmas Priority Service.

Orders placed after the 7th of December will go into our standard production times and we will be closed from the 24th - 4th of January.

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