Ladies and Lads who Layer

We have many layers. Each as complex and diverse as the next. Every layer is composed from different memories, emotions and sensations which collectively make up you. We even have lots of physical layers which add to our beautiful bodies. Whether it’s the clothing we wear or the product we run through our hair, these small layers all equate to you. 


In today’s world, that simple chain that would have been left to collect dust is now layered with a new perfect pearl pendant you bought and your Grandma's engagement ring looks stylish and sophisticated paired with the delicate silver band purchased from the markets. We are not only recycling jewellery but layering it, combining everlasting memories in which we display on our bodies. 

Mastering the art of layering your jewellery can be a tricky thing as it requires balance in order to look effortless yet pristine. Rather than trying to bedazzle each bit of your body, we think it's best to concentrate on one or two parts you’d like to layer. A nice place to start is your neck and fingers or wrists and ears. You want to sparkle like a small star rather than gleam like an overdressed Christmas tree; cool and sophisticated rather than messy and overwhelming!


 At Kate & Kole we love seeing the different combinations of jewellery which inspire us everyday. Simplicity is sexy in this regard and scrolling through our socials there is a lot of sexy to be seen. Influencers such as our incredible October woman, Rosalie and beauty Belinda, constantly keep us on our toes as we await to see their newest layers. Some more of our lovely ladies who layer themselves up are Lauren, Ash and Ally May


Mixing and matching different textures when layering your jewellery is a crucial ingredient to finding the perfect look. Here at Kate & Kole we love exploring the uniqueness of different chains. We love mixing and matching silvers and gold, heavy and fine, bold but simply breathtaking. We take pride in the different variations of chains we offer. Our solid gold chains are made in Italy and are of the highest quality. They come from an Australian supplier who is a member of the Jewellers' Association of Australia. The chains are available in different styles and designs. One of our favourites is our Classic Star Set Diamond Necklace. Its stunning round pendant, expertly star set 2.5mm diamond and diamond cut curb chain makes this piece ideal to flaunt on its own or layer with other pieces. This necklace can be beautifully paired with our Deuce Chain or Stella Necklace


We don't just stop with ladies who layer. To all the stylish lads out there who flaunt a bit of #sas around their collar bones, we haven't forgotten about you. Stan’s new show, Normal People, has sparked interest in mens jewellery as the main character showcases a silver 3mm diamond curb chain with a lobster clasp. Loosely sitting just above Connell's collar bone, it is probable that he is wearing a 40-45cm chain. 


To find the perfect sizing for you take a piece of string (or chain you have access to) and hold where you want the chain to sit. This applies to our lovely ladies as well. Now you are all set and ready to mix and match your pretty pieces.


Happy Layering! 


Thoughtfully composed with modern values, Kate & Kole are reimagining the defines of a coastal design studio.

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