Made in Australia

Kate & Kole jewellery is designed and made in Australia.

This not only means that the piece is cast and finished in Australia, it also means that each chain, clasp and jumpring is created here too.

Our chains are made to order by a Sydney manufacturer who creates our solid gold, silver and gold filled chains especially for Kate & Kole.

Our gold plating is achieved by a company in Melbourne and our diamonds and stones are set locally by a master diamond setter with over 40 years experience.

We often find ourselves up against competitors who are able to offer a similar style of jewellery at a fraction of the cost. After four years of research and development the only conclusion that we can come to is that these pieces are made offshore. While we hope that our competitors jewellery is created in fair work conditions and their staff are paid fairly, we felt the only way for us to have complete confidence in this is to make everything in Australia where we pay Australian wages and know the work environment meets the standards put in place to protect Australian workers.

The only exception to the above is our Cascade earrings and the glass stone BORN pendants which are made for us overseas. For our BORN necklaces we offer a higher end piece which is made completely in Australia. We are working on the same options for our cascade earrings.

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