Make Mum Feel Special This Mother’s Day With a Birthstone Necklace or Bracelet

Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day!” like a beautiful birthstone necklace or bracelet. 

While you can rarely go wrong by gifting jewellery, choosing a birthstone piece feels even more special for your one-of-a-kind mum. Giving a piece with personalised birthstones shows that you took an extra moment to think about the things your mum holds near and dear, making for a nostalgic and timeless present. 

Whether you pick her birth month, the birth months of family members, or her favourite stone, hand-selecting something you know mum will love adds a layer of sentimentality — perfect for a special holiday such as this. 

In addition to being thoughtful, giving birthstone jewellery as a Mother’s Day gift can also expand your mum's collection of everyday accessories. Being both simple and elegant, birthstone necklaces and bracelets are classic enough for daily wear. 

Our birthstone jewellery features dainty beads that are made to order, crafted from ethically sourced materials. Unique in design, they are a contemporary twist on traditional gemstone pendants. Featuring small stones encased within a solid silver or gold bead, these charms are perfect on their own or paired together for a truly distinctive look. 

Keep scrolling to take a peek at our favourite birthstone jewellery. You never know, you just might find the perfect gift to give your mum this Mother's Day.

Tiny Birthstone Necklace

Tiny Birthstone Necklace

Elegance lies in simplicity, and that statement couldn’t be more true when talking about our Tiny Birthstone Necklace


Petite, unique, and tasteful — what more could mum want? No matter which metals or gemstones she prefers, this necklace is suitable for every mum’s personal style. It’s available in silver, 9ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold, or 9ct white gold with a selection of stones corresponding to each month of the year. 


The little birthstone beads are strung on a fine curb chain to continue the minimalist vibe. For something a little bit ‘more’, you can always add additional beads for a curated look. 

Tiny Birthstone Necklace

One atypical way to select birthstone charms is by choosing to showcase the birth months of loved ones, rather than your mum’s own. We love the idea of gifting mothers with a birthstone necklace that showcases her children’s or other family members’ birthdays. It’s a wonderful way to remind someone that their loved ones are always with them. 


Tiny Birthstone Bracelet

If your mum isn’t much of a necklace type — or let's be honest— isn’t going to give up her long-standing favourite, then the Tiny Birthstone Bracelet might be the perfect alternative.  


Like the Tiny Birthstone Necklace, the bracelet features a gorgeous solid silver or gold bead with a gemstone set in the centre. Because the bead isn’t fixed to the chain, it will slide around while your mum writes, types or reads, for a glistening reminder of her loved ones all day long. 


If your mum likes to pair her pieces, we can’t help but think that the necklace and bracelet make for a perfect pair. Worn together, they make for a coordinated look that’s harmonious but not too obvious. 

More Personalisation

Adore the idea of gifting birthstone jewellery but hoping to make it even more special?


There are so many ways to take our birthstone charms and add something extra to make them a little bit more sentimental.

If you gift your mum birthstone jewellery that features her own birth month, we love the idea of engraving her initials on it too for an extra touch. If you like the idea of adding a bead for each family member, take it to the next level by engraving each person’s initials on their corresponding birthstone bead.

To mix things up even more, you can also purchase a birthstone bead individually and add it to any of the following jewellery pieces: 

  • Tiny Birthstone Necklace: Add an extra birthstone charm (or a few) to a birthstone necklace full of different beads and colours to represent people or dates close to your mum’s heart. 
  • Tiny Birthstone Bracelet: Adding more birthstone charms to the dainty birthstone bracelet makes it a bit more substantial, without overpowering the elegant look of the fine chain.
  • Tiny Letter Bracelet: Add a tiny birthstone charm onto this little letter bracelet to provide a pop of colour and lovely contrast with the minimalist-esque letter. 
  • Tiny Letter Necklace: We especially love adding birthstone charms to the tiny letter necklace. Add a birthstone in between initials, or on either side of a letter for a super special piece that your mum is sure to keep close to her heart. 
  • Tiny Pearl Bracelet: The refined shape of the tiny birthstone charm works exceptionally well when juxtaposed with a more natural-looking pearl on this bracelet. The perfect combination of polished and laid back, it’s a very lovely pairing. 

Whether you choose to gift a classic birthstone necklace or bracelet, or further customise things with extra charms and engraving, we’re sure it’s a gift your mum will appreciate. If you have something else in mind entirely, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to create bespoke pieces to make your jewellery dreams come to life.



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