Manufacturing in Australia

In recent months we have started manufacturing our jewellery in Australia. When we started Kate & Kole we designed each piece in a 3D program and it was cast and finished in New York. An amazing process but one very hard to monitor or understand. We have always wanted to bring manufacturing here as locally made products is something we are passionate about. 

We are not trained jewellers. We are trained in design and communications. Sara, our designer has a Bachelor of Design with Honours from the University of New South Wales, where she studied jewellery, object and graphic design. Madalynne has a Bachelor of Communication, Public Relations & Media Studies. We are passionate about jewellery and the practices of design but we are not jewellers in the traditional sense.

This is why when it comes to manufacturing it is so important that we know where our jewellery is made, what it is made out of and that it is of a high quality. 

The reason we are explaining this is because we recently has problems with our gold plating that was done in Australia, in fact just up the road from our studio in Newcastle. For some reason the plating failed and we still haven't exactly been able to figure out why. We have been working with our jeweller to replace or re-plate the effected pieces and it has been a tough few months. We have decided from here on in that we won't be selling gold plated rings. Plated jewellery is great for giving our customers our pieces at a more affordable price in the colour they want but with rings that are washed and come in to contact with things that can impact their plating it is just too risky.

You can still purchase our earring and necklaces in gold plating but rings will only be sold in 9k solid yellow and rose gold.

If you have any questions about this, please do contact us.

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