Our Engagement Ring Consults

If you're wondering what is involved with an engagement ring consult, you've come to the right blow post. Here we will chat through what to expect, what to bring and the steps following the consultation.

After initially getting in touch with you we will send you a little questionnaire about your appointment. 

Appointment date: 
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Your Appointment

Once you've completed this we will confirm your appointment. We are currently available for appointments on Mondays, Tuesday and Saturdays. When you come in for your consult we will show you a range of stone shapes, sizes, types, as well and settings and different gold colours. We will show you examples of our most popular rings Clara and Eva. This will help us start to get an understanding of the type of ring you are wanting to create

Choosing an Engagement ring stone

If you're still trying to figure out where to start this blog post helps you get through the first decision of choosing a stone.

Lab grown Diamonds

We love lab grown diamonds and will be able to talk you through these modern beauties and explain the thinking behind them and whether they are the right stone choice for you.
Emerald cut engagement ring on hand

Engagement Ring Inspiration

We can talk through inspiration images, look at stones you may already have and wish to use and go through budget and payment options. From here we will look at visual examples of the ring we are designing. We will sketch out variations and look at stone combinations or other design details that will start to build the design. Looking at wedding band options at this stage is important if we are going to be designing a suite of rings.

How to size an engagement ring

If your partner has joined you for the consult we will size the ring up, or talk through about how to make the best educated guess for sizing. Time frames and firmer budget expectations round out the consult before you are on your way.
There's nothing like trying on a suite of rings to find out what you do and don't like when it comes to designing your engagement ring. However if you live a little far away from our sea side town of Newcastle, you can bring our studio to the comfort of your own home. Our Engagement Ring Design Kit allows you to have a play with different band styles, shapes and sizes of stones and find your ring size.

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