Our Jewellery Picks, Based on Your Star Sign

Our Jewellery Picks, Based on Your Star Sign

Calling all astrology fans, this one’s for you. 

Whether you’re a sensitive Pisces or fiery Sag, there’s a jewellery piece well-suited to your zodiac’s vibe. Based on your sign’s tendencies, we’ve rounded up the best picks for every star sign. So whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, these surefire options can please even the pickiest shoppers (we’re looking at you, Leo!) 

Scroll on to see what’s written in the stars for you. 

Jewellery for Every Zodiac Sign


Your confidence and can-do attitude set you apart from the crowd. But just because you’re number one, that doesn’t mean you’re selfish. On the contrary, you’re a highly devoted friend and family member — but good luck to anyone who tries to tell you ‘no.’

Our pick for Aries: 

Our Classic Signet Ring is a perfect match for your bold energy, Aries. Leave it as is or engrave it with your initials for a truly one-of-a-kind feel. 

Classic Signet Ring

Classic Signet


There are two sides to everyone Taurus: The one who’s happy to chill and the one that’s charging full speed ahead. You love a good aesthetic and could spend hours in mere appreciation of art, whether that means strolling a museum or listening to a new vinyl record on repeat. You love the finer things in life and aren’t afraid to splurge. 

Our pick for Taurus: 

You have no qualms about spending on things that you deem worth it. And our Sia Wishbone Ring is the epitome of ‘worth it.’ Lined with 1.4 mm lab grown diamonds and your choice of gold,  it’s an eye-catching piece to last a lifetime.

Sia Wishbone Ring


If you could only use one word to describe Gemini it would be: dynamic. The most misunderstood of the star signs, Geminis often get a bad rep for being two-faced. But in reality, this star sign is fast-paced and sociable. 

Our pick for Gemini: 

Because you’re always on top of the latest trends, we know you’ll love this sleek chain necklace. No matter what you pair it with, it always looks cool — perfect for everyday wear.

Solid Silver Snake Chain


If you’re a Cancer, consider mood swings a part of everyday life. This sensitive sign feels it all, which helps them to be extremely intuitive. Though they’re true homebodies at heart, Cancers nevertheless know how to woo in social situations, often making them the life of the party. 

Our Pick for Cancer:

Your sensitive Cancerian soul will love keeping your loved ones close with a custom engraved Tiny Heart. With the initial of a friend, family member, or lover engraved on this charm you’ll be keeping them close to your heart at all times.

Tiny Heart Necklace 


Passion, drama, drive: That’s Leo in a nutshell. You live in the limelight, and even quieter Leos have a certain confidence that people naturally pick up on. You love to be the boss, often volunteering for leadership positions. Likewise, you constantly find yourself centre stage — both literally and metaphorically — putting on a show. 

Our Pick for Leo:

Just like your feline namesake, you embody simple, effortless elegance. We think this gorgeously-set baroque pearl will help your lion’s pride shine.

Pearl Ring


If you want something done, ask a Virgo. This star sign is meticulous, always churning out work that is of the utmost calibre. You don’t keep your organisational skills to yourself either. Whether you’re working through your own to-do list or your bestie’s, you live for that sense of a job well done. 

Our Pick for Virgo:

The Tiny Letter Necklace is perfect for the meticulously-organised Virgo. Understated but straight-to-the-point — it’s just like you! 

Tiny Letter Necklace


Let’s be honest, we all love Libra. Constantly referred to as "the nicest person I know", you have a knack for nurturing a sense of peace and good vibes. You adore meeting people and, whether you know it or not, are a massive flirt. 

Our Pick for Libra:

Love is the centre of your Libran world, and you’re one to wear your heart on your sleeve. That’s why we think this solid silver or gold heart would look perfect around your neck. 

Heart Necklace


Some might call you intense . . . and they’d be right! Scorpios have a commanding presence, and their inner world runs deep. You don’t do anything halfway, and though you might find it hard to be vulnerable at times, you’re constantly striving toward making those deeper connections with others. You’re passionate, brave, and not afraid to fight for what you want out of life. 

Our Pick for Scorpio:

To reflect your hardcore side, choose the Knife Edge Bangle. Just like you, this masterfully-crafted jewellery piece means serious business and is extremely adaptable. 

Knife Edge Bangle


Good luck keeping a Sagittarius in one spot for too long. You are a born adventurer. Always seeking out new experiences, you know how to get the most from life. While you have a million great ideas, it can be hard for you to stay still long enough to actually see them through. You’re an honest friend, and your worldly ways are extremely inspiring to those around you.

Our Pick for Sagittarius:

Any Saggitarain would love The Archetype Necklace. With a stunning pendant meant to represent the female archetypes, the central gemstone can be selected to reflect whatever your heart desires at the current moment. Whether you want to channel your creativity or lead with your heart, there’s a stone you can select to guide you towards that path. 

The Archetype Necklace


Capricorn is in it for the long haul. You’re the master of setting goals and have no problem working hard for what you want. Chances are, you have been called an ‘old soul’ at least once in your life since you can be quite traditional in your beliefs. 

Our Pick for Capricorn:

Diamonds, just like your convictions, are forever, dear Capricorn. These understated diamond studs perfectly represent your steadfast beliefs and will be yours to cherish for life.

Therefore Stud


Oh Aquarius, you are truly one of a kind! Your quirky nature means you have a stunning sense of personal style, and most importantly, you’re not afraid to show it. An extrovert by nature, you likely have a big group of friends or play an active role in your community. No topic is off the table for you, you have a unique opinion on everything from bitcoin to bananas.  

Our Pick for Aquarius:

You’re never one to do things the ‘typical’ way, making the Awa Ring your perfect pick. With a wavy silhouette, it’s unpredictable and fun, which is exactly the vibe you bring to the table. 

Awa Ring


You’re often mistaken for a softie, but the truth is, Pisces, you’re just a dreamer. Your sense of empathy is next-level, which means you might shed a few more tears than the average individual. Pisces can often be found singing, drawing, or making jewellery — anything that fulfils their creative side. When the world feels like too much, you might find them in the bubble bath with a glass of wine in hand. We get it!

Our Pick for Pisces:

As a water baby, the priceless jewels of the sea are an unmistakable Piscean totem. With these beautifully imperfect baroque pearls and elegant gold hoops at each ear, you’ll never be far from your element.

Pearl Earrings