Q&A: Nikki Cruz

How did you get into the creative industry? 
My dad is in a very creative career so I would so that my parents got me into it the creative industry. Thinking about it now I just grew following in their footsteps, I've just done it my way with the help of technology.
What keeps inspired?  
Travelling. I travel few times a year and my head is always wanting to explode every time I'm somewhere new and then when I get back home it's heads down and thumbs up. 
What's your favourite think about what you do?
I get to do what I love, I am my own boss and just waking up wanting to work. Plus I can work in pyjamas if I like.
Any new projects on the cards? 
I have a whole list of projects personally for me and my brand Soel Walker which I can't wait to show and share. I can say I have my first clothing pieces in production for winter which I'm super excited for.
What's your favourite K&K piece?
Hands down the signet ring collaboration with K&K. It was such a surprise proposal and physically seeing my art on a piece of jewellery was just amazing to me. Plus the fact it sold out was crazy. I just never expected something like that to happen. 

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