Silver & Palladium

We are now using a superior silver product for our silver rings. We have had a handful of customers experience a blackening of their silver pieces and after further research it seems this is due to a combination of things. It may be that the customer use a type of moisturiser which is reacting to the silver, or it may just be the make up of their skin and even sweat. Never the less, no matter if you sweat or like to have soft hands we want our jewellery to be perfect for you. That's why we have decided to upgrade our silver to a silver product that has only recently become available to us. AGPD is as the chemical name suggests, is silver with the added benefits of Palladium. It is tarnish and scratch resistant and comes up beautifully when polished. Almost like liquid.

It does come with a small price increase. It is almost triple the price for us to purchase the raw material. You may notice that some of your favourite products have gone up slightly, but we do believe this is for a superior product. Kate & Kole earrings and necklaces will still be available in 925 silver so you won't see any changes there. The way that we wear these products means we don't have to be quite as cautious with them.

925 silver is a very common material to be used in jewellery. It's affordable, and comes up beautifully when polished. And for most cases it is absolutely perfect to use. Because we make everything to order we have the luxury to make changes like this, and implement them quickly. This is an important change for us to make because even thought it has only effected a few people, we never want a customer to be disappointed with their purchase from us.

If you have in the past purchased a silver piece from us and would like to request an upgrade to this new material, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote. We aren't able to replace the ring for you but we are offering previous Kate & Kole customers to upgrade their exisiting piece for cost price. Contact us for a quote.

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