Sunday Lane with Kate & Kole

In July 2018 we sent an email to a brand we loved and held our breath. It's a good thing we exhaled because like all wonderful things, this collaboration has been a labour of love taken place of the past two years.

When we started looking at this design Sunday Lane had just released their Zodiac women collections. Fine line, female forms for each Zodiac sign. We had just launched a collaboration with Nikki Cruz and the ideas were nicely aligned. We started playing with the forms but due to life and a few other road blocks the idea was put on ice. We then started talking again in the middle of last year and the idea started building momentum again, however I was pregnant my first bub (now 6 months old) and again the timing wasn't quite right.

2020. The craziest year we have known to date. Amongst all the madness our idea was finally taking shape. Sunday Lane had launched a new range of drawings that translated perfectly into the 3D world and everything we looked into just started falling into place.

We want to explain a few key parts of this collaboration because working with Sunday Lane has been a truely collaborative process. Every decision has been made together, and each element of this design, has the input of the person who is an expert in that space.

The pendant is hand textured, making each piece slightly unique. With only 25 of each Zodiac being made it is so nice to know that every piece is going to be a little bit different, and hand finished. 

Once we had a first sample, we needed to roll out the design to all twelve Zodiacs. It turns out that our first print was a little bit of a fluke and we had to make some slightly adjustment to get all twelve to translate onto gold. With four rounds of printing and working closely with out casters in Sydney, we successfully printed and cast all twelve. 

Something which I think is incredibly special is the 9K Yellow Gold solid chain. If you purchase the high end piece of the collection you are receiving a solid gold piece. This comes with a chain which is a little different to the standard chains you receive when you usually purchase a gold necklace. We didn't actually realise this until we created this collection, but most solid gold chains are still gold plated. Our chains are manufactured for us in Melbourne. We were trying to match the colour of the chain with our pendant and weren't having any luck. The chains all looked far too yellow in comparison with our pendant.

Because our pendant is mostly textured rather than a highly polished finished, the gold is paler in colour. So next to a high polished chain the piece just looked wrong. When chatting with our supplier, she mentioned the gold plating step and we asked whether we could try leaving this step out, getting a raw solid gold chain, rather than a plated solid gold chain. After chatting with her makers she let us know that it was possible and sent us a sample. It was perfect.

We now had our perfect pendant and matching chain. All we needed was the packaging. We knew we wanted the suite to come in a linen bag. The Sunday Lane aesthetic is so strong and part of what makes up that aesthetic is the use of natural fabrics and texture, so it was always going to be linen.  We came across Thread and Linen Co on Esty. They handmake beautiful linen bags from their studio in Melbourne and creates some beautiful samples for us to choose from.

We chose to use the same packaging as we do for our bridal collection VOW which is an extra layer of luxe. This piece felt like it deserved a beautiful little home to settle in.

Our collaboration with Sunday Lane will be available through their website. It will go on sale at 9am on Friday the 17th of April. 

The pieces will be available in 9K Yellow Gold, Yellow Gold Plated pendant with a gold filled chain and solid sterling silver. The reason the pendant is plated rather than gold filled is because each of the designs in hand texture and is unique. Even though we wanted to offer a plated alternative to solid gold we still wanted it to be special and not mass produced. We are able to mass produce gold filled chains (which is the part of the necklace that experienced the most wear) so by plating the pendant and pairing it with a gold filled chain, we get the best of both worlds.

Only 25 of each Zodiac will be made and limited numbers will be available in each material. Follow Kate & Kole and Sunday Lane on Instagram for updates and information on the launch.

Thoughtfully composed with modern values, Kate & Kole are reimagining the defines of a coastal design studio.

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