The stacking king

Stacking jewellery is not a new phenomenon. But it is phenomenal. And this reason is for the boys. Females are wonderful mystical creates but they can be tricky to buy presents for. And we love presents. Problem = Solved. With stackable Kate & Kole rings you can create the gift that keeps on giving. Here is our simple how-to guide:

You have just recovered from Christmas and New Years Eve and BAM it’s Valentines day. Do not panic, just purchase one of our rings and your stack has begun.

Valentines day: A rose gold beauty
Birthday: Go for a double here, perhaps Ruby & Valentina in classic gold – winning.
Anniversary: Another double, we love Junko & Annie together – modern and sophisticated just like her.
You’ve been bad: Tut-tut, fortunately all can be forgiven with a simple little silver ring of apology.
Before you know it is Christmas again: Let the metals reflect the season with Amy times two in a silver and gold combo. 

Phew! Another year done, well done Boyfriend you’ve done a superb job.


Thoughtfully composed with modern values, Kate & Kole are reimagining the defines of a coastal design studio.

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