Top engagement ring trends we’ve seen in 2022

With more than half of 2022 already behind us, we thought what better time to share with you our favourite engagement ring trends we’ve seen this year.

Designing your dream ring is equally an expression of your own personal style, and a symbol of the infinite love shared between you and your partner. 

As such, there won’t be a “one-size-fits-all” approach for bringing your special piece to life - however, keeping an eye on modern engagement ring trends is certainly a great place to start!

This year we’ve seen two stone feature rings, fancy cut diamond shapes and hidden bespoke details take the jewellery world by storm… and for good reason. 

Read on to learn how these top trends can elevate your dream piece and make it stand out from the crowds, in the best way.


Two stone feature rings

2022 has certainly been the year of the two stone engagement ring. 

And our prediction? It’s a trend that is here to stay.

This elegant style has no doubt been influenced by popular celebrities like Megan Fox, Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski - who have all chosen to signify their relationships with a dramatic duo of diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Hence, the conceptualisation of our ever-popular Léa - Toi et Moi ring was brought to life earlier this year. This piece features a marquise lab-grown diamond, leaning elegantly against a larger pear shaped diamond.

With endless possibilities for bespoke design - including alternative stone shapes, sizes and colours - it’s easy to see why two stone feature rings have quickly become one of our most coveted engagement ring styles.

And, in case the visual appeal of our Toi et Moi ring doesn’t already have your heart melting… its name translates perfectly to “you and me” in French. 

Pairing two beautiful stones together is symbolic of two souls meeting as one, complementing each other in synergy and poise. Both diamonds will still shine individually, but side by side their brightness is electric. 

If you’re searching for a romantic engagement ring that will capture the spark you share with your partner, a two stone feature ring is definitely a trend to explore!


Fancy cuts are topping the charts

Oval and Pear shaped diamonds have also seen a dramatic surge in popularity over the past five years, with no signs of slowing down in 2022. 

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Blake Lively and Kourtney Kardashian have undoubtedly paved the way for showing off these luxurious fancy cut shapes. But in our opinion, the sparkle speaks for itself!

Oval diamonds are highly adored for their gentle, rounded silhouette - that many believe provides a flattering elongation effect to the fingers of the wearer. 

An oval’s oblong shape can also create the illusion of a larger diamond, allowing you to achieve great value and a brilliant sparkle all in one. What more could a girl ask for?

Pear shaped diamonds are the peak of timeless femininity, combining the graceful curve of an oval with the sharp point of a marquise. This trendy teardrop style adds a touch of uniqueness to your engagement ring - perfectly suited to those who love to make a statement!

With a similar facet structure to the traditional round  brilliant cut, a pear shaped diamond will provide that same captivating sparkle that will forever take your breath away.

Our favourite way to set these trending shapes is within a minimalist solitaire design, like our Clara and Lyla. These engagement rings feature a fine band that sweeps delicately into a basket setting, allowing your diamond to take centre stage… and shine!


Hidden details

Most of us love the idea of designing a unique engagement ring, but still favour a timeless style.

What if we told you it’s possible to have both?

Creating a piece with small hidden touches is the perfect way to balance a classic ring setting, like a solitaire, with personal elements that will set your ring apart from any other. 

Discreet ring trends we’ve been loving this year include custom engraving, hidden halos and the addition of tiny birthstones to the inside of the band. These intentional details will elevate your piece into a special family heirloom - to be adored for a lifetime and all the years beyond.

Think of it like a meaningful secret shared between you and your partner, and those you choose to let in…

Custom Engraving

This long-established trend has certainly resurfaced in 2022, with many of our couples opting to inscribe a short message on the inside of their ring band.

Engraved initials, your anniversary date or a meaningful quote are all popular options that add a wonderful surprise element to the piece. 


Hidden Halo

Adding a refined rail of tiny diamonds to the basket underneath your main stone is a beautiful way to add extra sparkle to an otherwise minimal style. This trend is often selected to complement simple solitaire engagement rings, like Clara or Rhea.

Hidden halos are meticulously designed to capture the light from every angle, without detracting attention away from your beautiful centre diamond. 

Who could possibly say no to a little extra shine?


Tiny Birthstones 

This fun, personalised twist is definitely on the rise!

Tiny birthstones can be hammer set into the inside of your ring band, which will add a secret pop of colour to represent the birth months of both you and your partner. 

Needless to say… this sweet ring addition is an absolute must do for the romantics and sentimentalists among us.

Now you’re all up to date with our top engagement ring trends for 2022!

Whether you have your heart set something subtle or extravagant for your forever piece, our range of contemporary ring styles are designed to suit all preferences. 

Discover our refined suite of engagement rings online, play around with different shapes on our new ring builder, or chat to us about creating a bespoke piece today.

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