Turn your old gold into new

If you've had your eye on a Kate & Kole piece but are finding it hard to justify the spend we are here to help.

You may have some gold pieces in your collection that could be recycled and turned into a new piece.

We offer a buy back service where we can recycle your jewellery that you don't wear any more. We will buy back the pure gold in the pieces and depending on the carat this will be higher or lower.

9K gold for example is 37.5% gold where are 18K gold is 75% gold.

You can figure out a rough idea of how much gold your piece contains but gather a couple of pieces of information. Te weight of the piece and the percentage of gold. If you have a 5 gram 18K gold ring, you have 3.75grams of gold that can be recycled. If you're wondering how to tell between 9 & 18K gold. If you can see a stamp on your piece it might say 375 (9K) or 750 (18K) which references the percentage of gold.

You can also take it to a gold buyer or your local jeweller and they should be able to help you.

We then take the ring that is to be recycled and sell it back to our caster in Sydney. We receive a credit in your name that we put towards your new piece. You may find you're able to cover a large amount of the cost of a new piece just by trading in some old pieces.

This process will be a conversation between yourself and Kate & Kole so please get in touch and we can help get started.

Contact us for more details.


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