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How to work with Infuencers

We absolutely adore our influencer community and we know in our heart of hearts that Kate & Kole wouldn't be what it is today without them. We feel so grateful to work with an amazing group of people and 99 times in 100 the relationship is flawless. Working with influencers usually happens like this... We either find a blogger or influencer on instagram and reach out to them or they find us and send us a direct message. If our brands align we talk to them about what sort of product they like, what their style is and find a piece that is a good match. The size of their following and engagement of their community comes into play a...

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How is Jewellery made?

At Kate & Kole we combine traditional techniques with modern technologies to create your made to order piece. When we design a collection we start by sketching on paper and then we take our drawings into a 3D modelling program to start to build the 3D form. 3D modelling is basically building a 3D shape by adding and subtracting parts. For a ring design we usually start with a square or round band depending on the range and then start to manipulate the shape. We then create the piece that is attached to the band. This is done by using simple shapes like cubes, cylinders and spheres and then creating positive and negative pieces. To create our current feature ring...

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Engraving—Our classic signet & pendant

It is possible to order engraving on our classic signet and classic pendant. For our solid gold pieces we offer complimentary engraving. For our silver and plated pieces there is a small additional fee of $30 which is due on approval of the design.  How to order an engraved piece? Add your chosen pendant or signet to your cart. You will see in the cart there is a special notes section. Fill this in with the initials you would like. Choose between a modern or traditional style. Check out. We will then return to you with a mock up of the design. Approve the design. If your order is in silver or plated gold, we will send you an invoice...

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Match Point

Game. Set. Match. Match point was designed to allow our customers to create their own personal set of jewellery basics to build upon and mix and match. We start with simple studs, hoops and a feature chain and we add a simple hanging sphere which completes transforms each piece. A bold sphere ring joins the collection in three sizes. The hoop earrings allow for different sized hanging spheres to be added and can create a fun day look or a more dramatic, larger night time look. Tiny round studs are completely transformed with a small hanging sphere making the earring more sculptural. A simple chained stud is also available in this range. Each piece can be stripped back and be...

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What to buy the girl that has everything?

Both Maddy and I openly acknowledge that we are hard to buy for. Some would use the word “impossible”. And now we own a jewellery company so that rules out that option. —“untrue, buy us Kate & Kole.” Depending on how much you would like to spend, or the type of birthday it is we have the perfect gift that will make you look like the best boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife in the world. Perhaps even the universe.  Our BORN pendants are perfect if you’ve only been dating a few months or it is kinda an in between birthday. Hey 26, you snuck up on us. Let us know it’s a gift and we will put in a little bit of...

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