Letter Necklaces or Initial Necklaces

As part of our Charmed Collection we launched a little letter charm to give you the option between our two styles of lettering. We have found that for some of our customers, big isn't always beautiful, prompting us to design a small yet mighty letter charm which is versatile amongst styles. Still celebrating a classic san serif font, the little letter charms can be attached to our charm bracelet delicately gracing the wrist of its owner. Though if bracelets perhaps aren't for you, this delicate charm can be strung from a classic gold or silver chain adding a touch of elegance and meaning to your style.

We believe during these tough times, it is important that we remain kind to ourselves and our bodies, as well as others. These dainty charms are the sweetest gestures to gift to yourself as well as others. Available in 9k gold, plated gold, or silver, the range can be adapted and suited for every individual's needs and style. We ensure each necklace is wrapped perfectly in our custom Kate and Kole packaging. If you are wanting to create an even stronger personal connection to the jewellery, we can add a little personalised gift note to ensure you share the strongest bond with your piece. Whether it's a birthday celebration, anniversary or just wanting to simply shed your love upon someone else, we can kindly send your present directly to the recipient, as we understand that your time is very precious.

We know especially at the moment people are feeling isolated from their loved ones though it is important to remain connected in order to maintain strong relationships and bonds with each other. No matter how near or far, we hope that by sending a gift, such as a letter necklace we are able to bring you and your loved ones closer together.

We had a beautiful email from a lady who was working long hours as a nurse. As a crucial part to this world's crazy puzzle of uncertainty, it is hard to imagine how much this lady's life has been affected by current circumstances out of her control. Being able to contribute positively through the power of our jewellery is something we strive for here at Kate and Kole. Having matching necklaces made for her and her partner, has simply reconnected their bond during the long periods of time spent away from each other.


A personalised gift is a way of creating a deeper and stronger connection through the power of love and giving. A letter can be used to represent a loved one, the gift receiver or even the gift giver. Perhaps the initial of a significant other or child. Some may even grace their pet with so much love that even a personalised gift symbolising their relationship could be an idea. Here are a couple of ideas in which our letter necklace can be gifted as the perfect pressie to suit any occasion, for any person.


Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday and we've had lots of beautiful orders on behalf of some grateful kids and partners who want to celebrate all the Mums out there doing an incredible job. Whether she's a mum to tricky teenagers or celebrating her first Mother's Day, giving back to the special lady that raised us, is a very meaningful time of year. The letter charm necklace is a beautiful way to represent the immense love towards all our Mothers as well as a perfect memorabilia she can treasure forever. An individual charm for her, or a collection of charms with each of the children's letters.


Anniversaries are used as a way to revisit a special time in our lives. Give the gift of love with one of our charm necklaces. Like every anniversary is unique so is the recipient. Personalise your gift with the addition of a singular charm or multiple charms to enhance the token of your gesture. You can purchase individual charms and simply thread the piece onto the chain without the need for a jeweller. Simple yet sophisticated.


A push present is a gift given to the mother by her partner or family to celebrate her entering the next step of her journey into motherhood. A little token celebrating the beautiful life that has been developing inside her and all of her strength and courage taken. It is a way of applauding her efforts and saying “well done” on the huge task that is pregnancy and childbirth. A perfect reminder of her beautiful life altering miracle that offers so many wonders and possibilities. Add the bubbas initial to one of our solid gold chains, alternatively you can’t go wrong with the simplicity of our beautiful charmed bracelets in which Mum can add to with life's twists and turns.

Letters can be used as a method of symbolism to capture life's most precious moments. What would your letter necklace represent?

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