Kate & Kole


Kate & Kole pieces are made to order using ethically sourced and recycled materials. If you need your piece quickly, our Priority Service can be added to your order.

If want to add a stone to a new order or an exisiting piece, this is where you will order any extra stones.

Some examples of popular pieces for stones to be added to as as below

Tiny Letter - 0.6mm, flush set
Tiny Heart - 0.9mm, flush set
Tiny Birthstone Charms - 1.25mm, flush set 
Amare ring - 1.4mm, Scalloped Pave
Mia Ring - 1.4mm, Scalloped Pave
Signet Shoulder stones - 1.7mm, star set

Steps to place your order for our workshop services

  1. Contact us to check your request is possible
  2. If applicable add your order number 
  3. Add your selected service to you cart
  4. Checkout

If you are adding stones to an exisiting piece, you will need to send you piece back to us by following the instructions below.

The best way to return your piece to us is by sending it to 

PO Box 96
Hamilton NSW 2303

Please don’t send your packaging back to us, wrap your piece in a tissue and send to us in envelope, we recommend you register you return. You will receive tracking from us when your order is complete.



Why am I being charged postage?
The postage charge covers tracked, express shipping when your piece is complete and is returned to you.

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