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Tiny Birthstone Charm

Kate & Kole pieces are made to order using ethically sourced and recycled materials. If you need your piece quickly, our Priority Service can be added to your order.

These charms are not intended for individual sale.

Add a solid gold or silver Tiny Birthstone charm to your existing Kate & Kole custom built necklace or bracelet. 

If you are looking at one of our tiny birthstone bracelets or necklaces and have noticed you could only add three charms, additional charms can be selected here at the time of purchase.

If you are purchasing as a later addition, you'll also need to add this solder fee product to your cart - and return your piece to us, so that our jewellers can solder the new birthstone charm onto your Kate & Kole chain.

Tiny Birthstones cannot be added to chains retrospectively without a jeweller.

For more information about the process for adding new charms and returning your piece, please contact us.

Charm Specifications

Available in Silver, or solid 9ct Yellow, Rose & White Gold.

Our Tiny Birthstones hammer set with a gorgeous little 1.25mm stone.

Each charm has a tiny hole through the centre, approximately 1.3mm wide, for the chain to thread through. To add new charms onto the chain - the clasp will first need to be removed, the new charms threaded on, then the clasp soldered back onto the chain by our jewellers.

These charms can be added at the time of purchase to the following pieces. They are not intended for sale without a K&K chain.

Tiny Birthstone Bracelet
Tiny Birthstone Necklace
Tiny Letter Bracelet
Tiny Letter Necklace
Tiny Pearl Bracelet


Each Kate & Kole piece is made to order and can take up to 4 weeks to be produced. If you require your piece earlier than this, please contact us to discuss your design.

Priority Service

If you require your piece by a certain date, our Priority Service may be the right option for you.

This service will allow your piece to be created within 2 weeks, please contact us if you require a sooner priority date.


Q. What's my birthstone?

A. January - Garnet
February - Amethyst
March - Aquamarine
April - Diamond
May - Emerald
June - Alexandrite
July - Ruby
August - Peridot
September - Sapphire
October - Pink Tourmaline 
November - Citrine
December - Tanzanite

Q. Do the tiny birthstones move freely along the chain?

A. Yes! 

Once the individual charms have been added to your chain by a jeweller, they will slide along the chain freely while you wear them, rather than being fixed in place.

Q. Can I add a tiny birthstone charm to a chain that isn't from Kate & Kole?

A. We don't recommend purchasing the charms to fit chains from other jewellers, due to the holes being so small that they won't fit over the clasp.

However, if you'd like to go ahead with purchase and use a local jeweller to attach them to the chain - we're happy to create them as individual pieces for you.

Our jewellers will only add additional letter charms to chains previously purchased from Kate & Kole.

Q. How is this piece made?

  • Stones set by hand in our Newcastle Studio
  • Stones sourced from leading Australian supplier

Read more about our process and how each piece is created,  here.

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