Lauren & Cam's Engagement

Lauren & Cam's Engagement

Meet Lauren and Cam...

Lauren & Cam came across Kate & Kole through a mutual love for minimal design and quality pieces that stand the test of time.

Our bespoke team caught up with the couple to find out why they chose to work with us to create Lauren's forever ring. 

Read the entire conversation below. 

How did you find out about Kate & Kole?

When I was very early on in my digital content journey Kate & Kole were one of the first brands I worked with. I think we organically found each other on Instagram through a mutual love for minimal design and quality pieces that stand the test of time.

Why did you choose to work with us?

Kate & Kole has been a part of many milestone moments in my life already - for my eighteenth birthday I was gifted the 9ct gold classic signet ring from my parents, and for my twenty-first birthday a custom 9ct gold signet ring from Cam.

It was a no-brainer to visit the new studio and work together on my engagement ring. I have so much trust in Sara & Maddy and when Cam met them he immediately felt the same bond. 

The use of lab-grown diamonds and having every piece hand made here in Australia was really important to us too. We support sustainable practices wherever we can but this was particularly important to me once I started learning about the detriment mined diamonds have on our planet.

 Which ring did you choose for your forever piece, and why?

I chose a custom band featuring 7 princess cut diamonds in 18ct yellow gold. As much as I love nice things, I'm very practical so I was stressed that the traditional engagement rings would protrude too much and become difficult to wear. Still wanting something with that 'wow' factor, the Camille and Lace bands became the building blocks for my design.

A few sketches later, we dreamt up my ring. Believe me when I say (as beautiful as the sketch was) it did not prepare me for the real deal!

What was your favourite part of your Kate & Kole experience?

The entire experience was beyond special but Sara & Maddy's ability to really listen and understand what we wanted, and interpret that in the most perfect way was magic. It really felt like a match made in heaven - just like Cam & I - it all felt right.

Plus Kev (our beautiful golden retriever) was present for the process which was soooo cute - a family affair!

Tell us a little bit about your proposal...

It was over the Easter break so we were off work and in holiday mode. We'd had a LOT of rain so kept talking about doing the Somersby Falls walk because the waterfalls would be at their prime. I had zero suspicions Cam would propose because being a national park, pets aren't allowed and I was convinced Kev would be a part of the proposal.

So with oily hair, chipped nails, nothing but sunscreen and the daggiest outfit on we went for the hike.

When we got there it was actually closed due to the amount of rain we'd had, but since we'd driven all that way we proceeded to head down to the first waterfall and just took it super slow.

The falls were HUGE, it was quiet and peaceful yet super loud with the sound of the water - so loud that I didn't hear a word Cam said until I turned around and saw him on one knee (I'm getting goosebumps all over again just thinking about it)

I'll never forget seeing the ring for the first time, it was magnificent. Rainbows dancing off every angle and the clarity in that morning light was unbelievable. No photos could ever do it justice. I'm pretty sure I was shaking all day!

We spent the next few days celebrating with family and friends, saying the word fiancé a disgusting amount of times, it was all perfect!

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