Kate & Kole — thoughtfully composed jewellery with modern values

  1. Jewellery that’s made for you

    Our small team of jewellers work from our studios in Australia. We use a combination of traditional artisan jewellery practises & technology to bring your Kate & Kole piece to life.

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    Our Most Coveted — Clara

    A beautifully timeless solitaire engagement ring — featuring an oval cut lab-grown diamond held within a simple four-talon claw setting.

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    Our Ring & Jewellery Builder

    Our custom jewellery builder started as a solitaire ring builder. It now allows you to create over 100,000 design combinations. Meaning that your piece, built by you—is unique.

    Customise our designs, to your specifications.

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    Hand Drawn Hearts for Mother's Day

    Capture a moment in time with our lovingly personalised heart pendant — the perfect connection piece to cherish for a lifetime.

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    About Kate & Kole

    Kate & Kole was founded in 2015 by two friends, Sara and Madalynne, with the goal of creating sustainable and high-quality, timeless jewellery.

    Since then, Kate & Kole has evolved into a full-fledged Australian-born ring concierge and jewellery brand, with sustainable practices and conscious creating at its foundation.