Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Designs

Our pieces are made to order in Australia which gives you the opportunity to customise your piece or create something entire bespoke.

  1. Make your dream piece a reality

    With Kate and Kole’s bespoke pieces, we’ll take you through the process of making your dream piece a reality.

    We love helping clients create unique pieces that they will adore for a lifetime. With our guidance every step of the way, there’s no reason to be overwhelmed.

    You do the fun of imagining it, and we’ll do the work to bring your jewellery to life.

  1. But where do we begin?

    Often when a client has an idea in mind, they come to us with an image or sketch that we will use as a jumping off point.

    Even something as simple as a piece of jewellery or a particular stone that a client wants to use can begin the creative process of creating a new bespoke piece.

    For customers who have no idea where to begin, we can guide you through a few leading questions.

Personalise your piece

Because we make almost all of our pieces in our Newcastle studio, customisations are nice and easy and something that we adore doing.

To make an overwhelming process seem a little easier, we break it down into fairly simple steps. The first step is to get in touch and we have a few different options for you to do this.

Book an in-person Appointment

Book an appointment online. This allows you to come into the studio and meet us to start the process of creating your bespoke design.

Book a Phone Consult

Our phone consults are the perfect way to begin the conversation

Call us

Not local to the Newcastle area? No problem. We offer phone consultations. Yes, this may seem like a strange process to create your dream piece over the phone but rest assured we do it all the time! 

Email Us

Or simply email us your concept or design and we'll reach out to you when the time is right!

  1. Try It Now
    Jewellery Builder

    Create thousands of variations of your piece with our Jewellery Builder.

Your Consultation

During your consultation we will come up with some basic parameters together.

Material: The material choice is important especially if your jewellery is being made to match to another piece. We offer Silver, 9ct Yellow & Rose Gold, 18ct Yellow, Rose and White Gold and Platinum.

Stones: We offer a wide range of lab grown diamonds in different cuts and clarities. We use a minimum H/I VS2.

Cost: Before we begin, have an idea of your budget. We will consider ways to craft a piece that will fit your vision and keep your budget in check.

Timeframe: If you have a super tight turn around we need to know this up front. It will save both parties a lot of time and heartache if we can determine a delivery window and any important dates. You can read more about our standard production time and priority service here.

Special touches: Some of the easiest ways to personalise your bespoke piece include engraving , birthstones, band shape, adding a hidden halo or shoulder stones. These are unique and sentimental touches you can add onto your bespoke piece.

Initial Design & Estimate

Though all of this may sound like a lot at first, we are with you every step of the way. After we have created the brief, we will come back to you with an initial design and estimate.

The initial design will include front and top views and any particular design details. If being designed as a set, the matching wedding will also be provided. This is the time to give feedback and to start discussing details. If you have a type of stone in mind we will start sourcing stones. Size, quality and colour all influence the cost of the stone. ​​We are unable to recycle old stones or allow customers to source their own stones.

As a brand, we have chosen to work exclusively with lab-grown diamonds in all of our jewellery pieces. Sourcing stones that are grown using this advanced technological method allows us to be 100% certain that they are conflict free and environmentally conscious, all while being visually indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

By opting for lab-grown diamonds, we’re also able to ensure that there is no uncertainty or scepticism about the origins of your stone. All diamonds come paired with GIA or IGI certification, and have been carefully selected from one of three industry leading growers - located in New York, Washington and Antwerp.

Once the stone has been purchased and your design has been finalised, we start the making process. Some pieces are made entirely from hand, others use 3D technology to help craft your bespoke piece. We are unable to recycle gold from previous pieces but we offer a gold buy back program. This program allows you to recycle old gold for us to sell back back to our refiner. The price of gold varies from day to day, and we can provide you with a quote at the time of your appointment. We will weigh the gold in front of you, and you then sign a release form if you decide to go ahead with the buy back. Again, talk to us about your budget, we want you to have a piece of jewellery that you will love forever and won’t set you back half a house mortgage.

Along the way, there will be multiple intervals for discussion, so that everyone can rest easy knowing that your dream jewellery is on the right path to becoming exactly the piece you want. We will keep you updated with photos, sketches, 3D renders and stone options, and even videos.

No matter what your vision is, one thing is certain - there’s just something so much more special and exciting about bespoke pieces. Our most memorable pieces have been those that we’ve worked hand-in-hand with customers to create.

If all of this sounds good to you, and you think it might be time to start creating your own bespoke jewellery, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We love being part of your story and creating a piece of jewellery to last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design my own engagement ring?

Yes of course! Using our ring builder you can customise your stone specifications, change the setting material, add a hidden halo and more. For further customisations, please contact us to arrange a phone consultation.

What is the difference between 9ct & 18ct gold?

The carat refers to the percentage of pure gold that is present in the alloy — 9ct is 37.5% and 18ct is 75% pure gold. The diferent alloy mixes will affect the colour & durability of the piece.

How do I find the right ring size?

If you're unsure of your ring size, simply select Ring Sizer and we will post you a ring sizer when your order has been confirmed.

Are the diamonds certified?

All diamonds we source over 0.50ct will come with IGI or GCAL certification, matching the inscription on the girdle of the stone.

Can I see how this band pairs with different engagement rings?

Certainly! Check out our Instagram page, where we have a story highlight dedicated to showcasing our ring stack requests. If you have a specific combination you'd like to see, please contact us.