Customise & Personalise

Customise & Personalise

  1. Uniquely Yours

    As Kate & Kole pieces are made-to-order, you have the opportunity to make your piece uniquely yours.

    We offer various personalisation and customisation options to add to your piece prior to purchase or to add to your existing Kate & Kole piece. So as you and your journey evolves so does your special piece.

Personalise your piece

Since launching our jewellery builder we have placed an even bigger focus on being able to allow our customer to take customisation into their own hands.

While we continue to add functionality to our builder, we invite you to start to craft your own unique piece with the services below.

  1. Add Engraving

    Add a sentimental date, initials, images or words in a bespoke style to our customisable products. You can choose from a single letter (for tiny beads and charms) or multiple letters for dates and words. Our team can provide a mock up of the design for review if desired before moving forward.  

    Please note this service is only available on new orders.

  1. Add a Stone
    Add or Swap a Stone

    Add a stone to your new or existing piece. All of our beautiful gemstones add a personal and alluring touch. 

    Personalise your selected Kate & Kole piece by swapping the stones to your favourite stone to create something personal and unique to you. For stones up to 2mm, we are able to swap the stone for you at no additional cost. Stone swap options include all birthstones and a variety of lab-grown diamonds. 

    Please note the stone swap service is only available on new orders.

  1. Add a Charm

    Our individual charms are designed so they can be added at time of purchase or to your existing Kate & Kole chain by our in-studio jewellers. You can add charms, letters or beads to your piece which include:

    • Tiny Letter Charm 
    • Tiny Heart Charm 
    • Birthstone Bead 
    • Diamond Letter 
    • Diamond Heart 

    Please note our charms will need to be added by our jewellers as the charm does not fit over the clasp and requires soldering to be added to the chain. To add charms to your existing chain, a small $25 covers the process, cleaning of the existing piece and return express postage when your piece is complete.


If you're looking to customise your piece, we have various ways in which you can achieve your vision. Please contact us to talk through the process.

  1. Adjust The Chain Length
    Adjust the Chain Length

    Customise the length of your chain. Whether you would like to shorten or lengthen your chain, our team can accommodate your request. 

    Custom chain is when you are requesting a shorter custom length at the time or purchase, this must be less than the chain ordered. For example, if you would like a 38cm chain, please order a 40cm chain.

    Additional length is when you require a longer chain. This is charged in 5cm or 10cm increments.

    Additional Jump-ring adds an extra jump-ring within the length of a chain 2cm before the final jump-ring. Add this product to create the ability to shorten and lengthen a chain by 2cm easily. Perfect for younger customers.

  1. Swap Chain Style
    Swap the Chain Style

    If you're looking to swap the style of chain, this can be done at the time of order. If you're wanting to swap a chain after you've received your order, please contact us to talk through the process.

  1. Order Design Drawing
    Design Drawings

    If you have an idea in mind that is more specific and would like to see the piece before moving forward, our design drawings provide you with a series of renders to bring your piece to life in complete detail.


Can I add engraving?

Engraving can be added to certain pieces, please reach out to us for more information on customising your piece.

Can I customise the chain to the cable/diamond curb instead of the standard style?

Yes, If you would like to swap the standard style of chain, that is a nice and easy process. Just add the 'Swap chain style' product to your cart and we will swap the chain over for you.

Is there a minimum/maximum length that I can adjust my chain to?

Our standard lengths are 17cm, 19cm, 40cm and 45cm. You can have your chain shortened at anytime. If you would like a custom length, this can be ordered upon request.

What if I want to add more charms at a later date?

If you were hoping to add charms at a later date we require you to send the piece back to us as the holes are so small on the charms that they don't simply slip over the clasp. There is a small solder fee involved for our jewellers to remove the clasp, add your new charms on and solder the clasp back on. Otherwise, you can have a local jeweller add the charm on for you and resolder the jump ring.

Want to chat more?

If any of these personalisation or customisation options sound like something you would like to add to your piece, please feel free to reach out to discuss your ideas and our team will guide you through the process of creating your special piece.

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