About Us

  1. Our Founders

    Kate & Kole was founded in 2015 by two friends, Sara and Maddy, with the goal of creating sustainable, quality, design-led fine jewellery. What started as a side-project from a home studio in Newcastle, has evolved into a fully-fledged Australian-born ring concierge and jewellery brand, with signature collections, engagement and wedding suites and a custom jewellery design service.

    We take pride in using traditional jewellery practices combined with modern technologies, while prioritising customer relationships, offering guidance and education throughout the process. Our mission is to make every customer feel valued, allow them to purchase with confidence, and introduce them to a modern practice of jewellery making.

    From the first consultation to the final product, we strive to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.

  1. Sustainable

    We are dedicated to sustainable jewellery that adorns without compromising the environment. Our high standards of quality and materials come together perfectly with sustainable design solutions, production processes and business philosophy.

  1. Australian Made

    Our pieces are Australian-made, responsibly sourced for the highest quality materials and crafted with the utmost care and attention. From the design process to the moment you wear our jewellery, we do everything with the community in mind.

  1. Community

    Kate & Kole Directors, Sara & Maddy, are passionate about supporting the community and the SANDS organisation is one very close to their hearts.

    Our 'Bean' Pendant was designed in collaboration with local Founder of Baby in Time, Remy Ellicott, to honour the loss of a baby — with the pendant being the same size and weight of an 8-week old embryo.

    All proceeds from each piece purchased will go toward supporting bereaved parents throughout Australia, through our partnering with SANDS.