Timings & Priority Service

Timings & Priority Service

Kate & Kole pieces are made to order using ethically sourced and recycled materials.

Our customers often ask us if their made-to-order jewellery can be created within a shorter time frame, and at times this may be possible upon request. However, due to the high volume of orders our small team of jewellers work through in-studio each day; upgrading to our priority service is the only way we can guarantee that a sooner delivery date will be achievable for you.

All of our beautiful pieces are individually made and we don’t hold a huge amount of stock in our Newcastle studio. This is a business decision we made in the early days of Kate & Kole, in order to reduce our waste and not have excess stock at risk of being reduced to clear.

This essentially means that even with our priority service added, your piece will still be made by our jewellers after your order has been placed. Priority status allows us to expedite your piece to the front of the queue, allowing us to complete production on general orders within 1 - 10 working days depending on complexity.

For our bespoke engagement and wedding band pieces, our quickest production time is currently 4-6 weeks with priority service. During the busy Christmas period, it is strongly recommended that customers hoping to receive their special piece by the holidays purchase this service.

Requesting Priority Service

If you decide our priority service is for you, we kindly ask that you check in with our team via email to ensure your required date will be possible.


  • Ready To Wear: Within 10 working days or 1-2 working days with Priority Service added
  • Collection pieces: 3-4 weeks or 7-10 working days with Priority Service added
  • Wedding Bands: 6-8 weeks or 4-5 weeks with Priority Service added
  • Engagement Rings: 8-10 weeks, 5-6 weeks with Priority Service added or 4 weeks with Premium Priority Service added


  • Ready To Wear: $35
  • Collection pieces: $45
  • Wedding Bands: $150
  • Engagement Rings: $450
  • Premium Priority for Engagement Rings: $900

Steps to place your order for our workshop add ons and services

  1. Contact us to check your request is possible
  2. If applicable add your order number, customer service consultant or RA number
  3. Add your selected service to you cart
  4. Checkout

Premium Priority

Our newly introduced Premium Priority Service allows customers with a tight timeframe to access our bespoke design offering.

Our priority service was put in place to allow pieces to be expedited ahead of our customers who were happy to wait for our standard timings.

For our small team to be able handle the volume of engagement rings we have in the works, we worked out a fee that was to allow our customer to choose between standard time frames (8-10 weeks) and a faster turnaround time of 5-6 weeks for an additional cost of $450.

We are finding that more and more of our customers are choosing this service and are requesting even faster time frames.

To manage this in a way that is fair to people who have already paid an additional $450, we need to charge a premium to allow us to expedite premium priority customer over priority customer without impacting their service.

For rings to be completed in under 4 weeks we need to charge $900 for this service.

This fee allows to expedite a number of logistical steps in the early stages of your ring which can have a very positive impact on the timings of your rings (for example paying for a direct international courier service to bring your diamond from our growers rather than waiting for the stone to arrive to our Melbourne supplier), it also allows us to compensate our staff for any additional work that is required to complete pieces to our standard of work and not compromising our values of supporting our staff and producing the highest quality of pieces.

The reality is that making a custom piece of jewellery still takes a certain amount of time and things can—at times—not go exactly to plan. In an instance where we aren’t able to deliver your piece in under 4 weeks you will be refunded $450 and your ring will be delivered in our usual priority time frames (5-6 weeks). We will work with you to accommodate any specific needs you may have, for example, if you had a flight booked and needed the ring by a very firm deadline, a sample ring will be arranged if the real ring could not be delivered.

If you have any questions about this service, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to Wear

If it's "ready to wear"—why do I need Priority Service?

Even our ready to wear pieces are made to order, we are just able to make them a little quicker as we hold the components in stock. If you require shipping same or next day, Priority Service will still need to be added.

Can I add Priority Service after I’ve purchased my jewellery?

Yes! Of course you can, you will need to follow the simple steps outlined on our website to add your selected service to your cart and check out. If you need your piece quicker than outlined in our Priority Service, please contact our studio to see if the date will be possible.

How much is Priority Service?

For our ready to wear pieces, a $35 fee is added to your order to allow us to ship same or next day.

What if it doesn't arrive on time?

Our Priority Service guarantees your product will be made and shipped in the allocated time frame. If we can't meet this deadline, we will refund your service.

We cannot refund this service if your piece is delayed by Australia Post. We send priority orders via express post to give them the best chance of reaching you in a timely manner.

Collection Pieces

I want to customise a piece, can I still add Priority?

With a custom piece, Priority Service can be added, however there will be a minimum amount of time required even with priority added. Please confirm your required date with us.

Engagement Pieces

How long does an engagement ring take to be made?

Our standard lead time for the creation of a bespoke piece is approximately 8-10 weeks.

If you require your piece sooner, we offer a Priority Service which can expedite your piece at every stage of production, for completion within approximately 5-6 weeks.

We also offer a Premium Priority service that allows us to create your piece in 4 weeks.

Please contact us to discuss your eligibility for our priority service before purchase.

Our range of Ready to Wear engagement rings have been curated to reflect the most popular styles from our signature suite. They are available and ready to be delivered in 7-10 days.

About I'm purchasing two wedding bands does Priority Service apply to both?

Plain wedding bands are covered under one Priority Service fee. If you wedding band includes diamonds, a seperate service and fee needs to be applied.