Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit
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A physical kit designed to keep your Kate & Kole piece clean.


The best way to keep your engagement ring and other jewellery as perfect as the day you received it. You can choose to purchase the ultrasonic machine on its own, or as part of an all-inclusive cleaning kit.

Cleaning Kit

- 1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner

- 1 x Ultra fine tooth brush

- 1 x Liquid cleaning solution

- 1 x Town Talk gold cleaning cloth

Please note Ultrasonic machines are not suitable for pearls, emeralds or rubies or heavily included diamonds (such as salt and pepper diamonds). Please research specific jeweller pieces before using them in our cleaners, we cannot be responsible for damage to other jewellery pieces caused by using an ultrasonic machine incorrectly.

Our cleaning kit is usually ready to ship and should arrive with you within a few days of placing your order.

Priority service shouldn't be required for this item, please let us know if you have any timing concerns.