Sample Piece

Sample Piece
Regular price $250

Order a standard or bespoke sample to try on at home, or propose with.


Standard Sample

Order this product if you are having a sample piece shipped from us. We will ship you the sample along with a return post bag to send the piece back to us once you have finished trying it on. Please return within 3 days of receiving the piece.

Once we have received the sample back in studio, we will refund your order less postage and handling ($25).

Bespoke Sample

This sample is made to your specifications in your required material. You can order a bespoke sample here or via our ring builder. Bespoke samples are required to be returned to us within 30 days of receiving the piece. The cost of the bespoke sample is redeemable against an engagement ring (less postage and handling $25) where minimal changes are required (this includes resizing, changing the stone size or material in which the ring is made).

Q: What does the $25 fee cover?

A: The postage and handling fee covers express post both ways between us.

Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: A fee of $25 per day will be charged if you keep the ring for longer than the agreed period. This time is measured from when you receive the piece, to when you drop it back to Australia Post.

Q: How many samples can I loan at once?

A: We kindly ask that customers order no more than 2 sample rings at any time, as the our sample rings are also utilised for in-studio appointments. Please contact us to arrange an additional sample loan.