Remodels & Remakes

Remodels & Remakes

  1. Your existing jewellery

    We often get asked to remodel or remaking existing jewellery. Here is a quick guide of what we are able to do when it comes to working with your own, or handed down jewellery.

Using Vintage Stones

Firstly, there are some pieces that are absolutely perfect for reworking into a new piece. Our Fleur ring was designed as a wedding band that was so beautifully suited to working with small vintage stones. It has become one of our most loved wedding bands. We can replace one, some or all of the diamonds in Fleur with your vintage stones as long as they roughly match our required stone size.

Likewise, any of our pendants (round and heart) and signets are perfect for adding a vintage stone. Four claw earrings also work beautifully for vintage stones that are a matching pair and are often a very affordable way to use stones in your own bespoke piece. Our bezel set pendant protects older stones beautifully and it’s perfect for softer stones like rubies, emeralds and other coloured stones.

Reusing Gold

If you want to use the gold from pieces you already have and make something from that exact gold our options are minimal. Due to the temperamental nature of vintage gold, we are unable to create a piece for you from the same gold. We can however purchase back gold from you to give you credit towards a new piece. This is such a beautiful way for family members to contribute to a piece, and it is how we are able to purchase all our gold from our refinery which is 100% stocked with recycled gold and silver.

Remaking a Complete Piece with Vintage Stones and Gold

If you’re hoping to use your stones and gold from vintage pieces in a completely bespoke piece, we unfortunately may not be the right jewellers for you. While we have based our business model around having the ability to customise and personalise your pieces, these types of projects are tricky for us to take on, especially when the studio is at capacity. Many of our jewellers run their own studios and we love introducing you to them if the right type of project comes up.

Suppling Your Own Diamond

If you’re hoping to bring your own diamond to be used in one of our designs there are some very strict terms and conditions around this project. Loose stones must be insured. If they are not individually insured we cannot work with them as we cannot take on that risk if something was to happen during manufacturing. Q report insures loose stones and are wonderful to deal with. Stones must be certified and the certificate must be supplied with the stone in a digital format (a photo is perfect).

It isn’t usually cheaper to supply your own stone. Our business model works on us making a markup on diamonds we sell. If you bring your own diamond to a design we add the equivalent markup to your stone as if we were supplying one for your chosen design in our standard minimums. The biggest cost in making an engagement ring is not the cost of the diamond, it is the combination of everything else that goes into creating our pieces that make up the largest proportion of the quote. If you bring your own diamond you can expect the starting price for one of our designs to be around $5000.

Remodelling or Remaking an Engagement Ring

If you receive your ring and it isn’t quite perfect, we can help you make adjustments but there is a cost involved in going down this avenue. Changing the setting or the band results in a complete remake of the piece and starts at $2500. This includes the credit for your gold that will be recycled for you when we make your new ring.

If you want to change your diamond shape you are effectively starting the process again from scratch. We cannot purchase your diamond back from you. In some instances, we can restock a stone for a $500 fee if it is one of our signature suite pieces. Re-stocking is only offered when a remodel is being undertaken by our studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your gold buy back service?

Our gold buy back program allows you to recycle old gold for us to sell back back to our refiner. The price of gold varies from day to day, and we can provide you with a quote at the time of your appointment. We will weigh the gold in front of you, and you then sign a release form if you decide to go ahead with the buy back. We have a small gold buy back fee of 10%, or $100, whichever is lower to recycle your gold.