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Signet Rings

Traditionally worn to signify membership in a family or club, Kate & Kole has reimagined the classic signet ring so you can carry your mark with style. We believe that special moments deserve a sentimental piece that you can love and cherish for the rest of your life. An instant heirloom, all our signet rings can be personalised with custom engraving and your choice of gemstones. Choose your stone, a special symbol or letter for engraving, and the perfect metal to create a piece that’s all yours.

We put our heart and soul into making the perfect piece for you. And even better? All of our resourcing and practices are sustainable. Our beautifully designed rings are made locally, with the highest quality of materials. Looking for a necklace, bracelet or stackable ring to match your signet ring? We have an expansive collection of jewellery to complement the piece you’ll wear for life.

What is a signet ring? A signet ring was traditionally worn by nobility to signify their membership in a noble family or club. The design is made to be customised with a family crest or special symbol.

How to wear a signet ring. Signet rings are traditionally worn on the pinky finger of your non-dominant hand, with the engraving facing the wearer. A signet ring is a beautiful statement piece, but with many more delicate styles now available, it’s easy to wear as an everyday piece with any outfit.

Can anyone wear a signet ring? Traditionally worn by men, Kate & Kole has reimagined the classic shape into more delicate styles for the modern wearer.

Looking for a bespoke signet ring? As our pieces are made to order, you can make them uniquely yours. This may include engraving, customising stone sizes or types. Whether you are after a slight alteration to an existing design, or want something completely your own, we’ll work with you to ensure that your signet ring represents you and what you stand for.

Shop Kate & Kole signet rings. Whether you need guidance in choosing a ring, would like to enquire about a custom piece, or are ready to buy, we’re here to help you find a signet ring that represents you and your story.