A moment in time with Samantha Kellie Brown

A moment in time with Samantha Kellie Brown

10th May 2024
  1. In conversation— With Mother & Interior Stylist, Samantha Kellie Brown

    We sat down with Mother & Interior Stylist, Samantha Kellie Brown, to speak about what Motherhood means to her in 2024.

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  1. "Your life will never be the same after you become a mother, and you’re so much luckier for it. Being a mother will change you in unimaginable ways. It will delight and reward and exhaust and thrill and challenge you, and fill and empty your love and sanity tanks in equal measure."

  1. What is the biggest lesson your children have taught you?

    "Aside from patience they have taught me so much about myself. You become very aware of the reference point you represent to them, the ultimate motivator to question the patterns you’ve slipped into and more consciously choose what parts of yourself to hold on to.

    Not to mention the beautiful moments throughout an often mundane day when raising young children. Even the hardest of days are forgotten when you’re holding them in your arms and realising you're the luckiest in the world for being able to have this role and have these precious moments."

    — Samantha

  1. One piece of advice that you would share to other mums & mums to be?

    "Keep it as simple as you can—less is more. I think everyone is worrying far too much these days as there is so much information out there. These babies & toddlers are far more resilient than we give them credit for."

    — Samantha

  1. What did your career look like prior to becoming a mother? Did your career change at all after welcoming your children?

    "Throughout my working years I’ve had different jobs within the e-commerce / marketing / magazines / content production and Interior styling space. My previous job before kids I worked for an Interior Design studio which I really enjoyed.

    Since having my two boys we renovated our home so this was a really beautiful and rewarding outlet for me. Since then I’ve been doing pockets of casual work which I’m truly loving."


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