An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Earlier this year I got a very exciting phone call. It was the partner of one of my dearest friends, and he wanted to create a bespoke engagement ring. 

My first thought was, "how on earth am I going to keep this a secret" and my second thought I had was "I know exactly the ring I want to make"

Emerald cut engagement ring on hand

Emerald Shape Engagement Ring

We had recently launched Eva, our emerald cut engagement ring, it was the hero ring our of VOW II collection and I knew that my friend has loved that ring. It was an easy choice to start with an emerald cut diamond and start there. I also knew she would like 18ct yellow gold for the setting as she wore some other pieces that were in 18ct. I love using 9ct gold for engagement rings and I think it has a beautiful blonde look which works so well with diamonds, but 18ct was the right choice for this ring.

Emerald Shape Engagement Ring with Shoulder Stones

Adding shoulder stones to a ring, help create a piece of jewellery. What I mean by that is that instead of the stone being the central focus (which also looks absolutely beautiful) is that the shoulder stones extend the design down towards the band and create a more complete design. the stones blend into the band and it really is a structural masterpiece.

We added two tapered baguette stones to compliment the stepped cut of the diamond. 

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring on Hand

Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

An emerald cut diamond is a slightly confusing as it has nothing to do with the stone type, just the style of cut.

A step or emerald cut is named after the emerald gemstone. It has parallel facets that are precisely cut going down from the top open facet. This enables the colour to shine through and also helps the emerald to maintain it’s structural integrity. We try to avoid diamonds that have large inclusions in the central top facet, as they are more visible. 

Cut defined here.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring on Hand

Some people ask if an emerald cut stone is right for them, it is a simple cut stone that brings a lovely touch of drama and a slight deco feel just but the natural of the cut. The slightly longer stone is very flattering of both long and shorter fingers and help lengthen the hands because of the direction of the stone. An east-west setting is also a lovely way to set the stone.

Emerald Cut ring on Hand

Will an emerald cut engagement ring suit me?

If you are wondering whether a style of ring or cut of stone will suit you, take a look at our try at home kit, which gives you a range of stone cuts and sizes to help you get an idea of what you like. Or book in for an appointment to try some pieces on and have a play.