Baby In Time

Baby In Time

In 2019 we collaborated with newly launched local company Baby In Time. Baby In Time is an organisation which hope to remove the silence and stigma around pregnancy and infant loss; 
with open communication and accessible resources, and hopes to support and empower women and men.

We worked with founder Remy Ellicott to design the piece of jewellery that can be purchased to honour a miscarriage or the loss of a baby. The pendant is the size and weight of an embryo at 7-8 weeks which is a common age of miscarriage. 

With 1 in 4 women experiencing a miscarriage we believe that for the people who would like to, a space for sharing and understanding is so important. By purchasing a piece there is hope that it may start a conversations or even a look of understanding by another owner or giver of a necklace.

Each necklace is available in solid gold or silver and is cast in Sydney and finished by hand in Newcastle. Necklaces are available for purchase here.

A percentage of each necklace sold will go towards the support of bereaved parents throughout Australia. 

A little bit about Baby In Time:

Welcome to our community, I am so sorry for the circumstances that have brought you here and want to take a moment to acknowledge your loss and your grief. This is your safe space, filled with love, light and understanding through your journey.

We founded this inclusive and supportive space for anyone mourning pregnancy or infant loss, or supporting a partner, friend or loved one through this difficult time. This is our chance to change the conversation and make a difference.

Grief breaks your life so intensely in to a distinct before and after, a stark divide between what was and what is now. You don’t have to carry the weight of this on your own. We understand, and we are with you.

We hope that Baby in Time is a source of comfort, connection and friendship in hard times. Our online community, resources and events will help guide you through your journey and give you a place to search for answers, tell your story or meet people who can help you feel less alone.

For us, it was important to create a space where both women and men can feel comfortable. Everyone is supported here. Although the physical loss may be different for males, the mental and emotional burden can be heavy. 

Our own experience (which you can read about here) highlighted that we need more. More information, more support, more understanding and more awareness. With the heartbreaking statistic that 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage in their life and on average six stillborn babies will be born in Australia everyday, we want to amplify the conversation and make support accessible for everyone around the world.

Baby in Time was created for you. This is your space.

Welcome to Baby in Time.