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    — Sydney, NSW, Australia

    We recently had the joy of reconnecting with Ellie and Annie, an adored couple in the K&K community. They shared the heartfelt story of their sweet proposal at home and revealed the reasons behind selecting Kate & Kole for their eternal symbol of love.

    Keep reading for our conversation.

How did you find out about Kate & Kole?

"My fiance saw K&K on Instagram."

Why did you choose to work with us? Was there anything in particular that drew you and your partner to our brand?

"The beautiful timeless designs, ethical lab grown diamonds and vibe of the brand seemed perfect for us."

Which ring did you choose for your forever piece, and why?

"My fiance chose the Duet Pear Ring, which is absolutely perfect. She thought it was a bit unique whilst being absolutely timeless."

What was your favourite part of your Kate & Kole experience?

"Trying the rings on with your team was such a lovely experience. They explained everything so thoroughly (we had no idea about cut, carat, clarity, etc) and helped us to make an informed decision. We drove from Sydney to Newcastle and it was totally worth it."

Tell us a little bit about your proposal.

"It was very low key! After a nice lunch, my fiance had a lie down on our backyard couch. I tied the ring box to one of our dog’s collars with a ribbon. He then ran out the back and gave her some kisses and I came out to pop the question!"