How to Find Your Engagement Ring Size

How to Find Your Engagement Ring Size

One question we hear all the time is how to figure out which engagement ring size is right for you. 

You’ve found the perfect ring, know how you want to ask, and are feeling confident about popping the question… except for one thing. What size should the ring be? This can be especially difficult if you’re planning a surprise proposal, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

In fact, there are a few sneaky ways to figure out the right engagement ring size without ever having to ask. 

1.Ask friends

It might sound far fetched that your partners’ friends would know their ring size, but you might be surprised. Ask the friend who they always shop with for a good guess, or see if they can arrange a sneaky shopping trip to the jewellery store to figure it out. If you know any friends who have bought your partner jewellery in the past, they can also shine some light on what size might be right. 

A few other ways friends might be able to help: 

  • Ask a friend who already has a ring to sneakily let your partner try it on and report back to you. By observing how someone else’s ring fits, it’s easier to guess the general size.
  • A friend might be able to phone a sibling who has similar-sized hands for a good guess. If your partner has a sister or parent who has the same stature, they can be some good resources to reach out to. 
  • Have a friend ask your partner to help them with engagement ring shopping. After your partner “helps” the friend shop, they can let you know which size your partner is. Maybe you can even join the trip to get a little first hand information. 

Pros and Cons: 



  • Friends might know without even asking
  • They can help with roundabout ways of finding out
  • Friends can give good advice about style and design preferences 
  • Friends might get it wrong
  • Your partner might feel sad that everyone else is getting engaged but them
  • They might blow the secret 

2. Take a peek in the jewellery box

One tip we give customers is to get ahold of a ring currently worn by your partner. If you know the ring diameter and which hand and finger it’s usually worn on, we can work out a fairly accurate sizing. Even if it’s worn on a different finger or different hand, we can use the information to work our way towards the right size.

If she’s sure to notice it go missing, taking the ring probably isn’t a good idea.  Instead, you can try to sneakily trace the ring on paper. Or, if you’re feeling really creative, you can imprint it into a bar of soap to get an accurate tracing. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t take a ring that your partner will notice is missing, you don’t want to be responsible for upsetting them — and it might even sabotage your surprise if you have to explain why you took it in the first place. 
  • If you’re going to trace a ring, be careful. Especially if it’s an expensive or sentimental piece, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with marker or soap. If you trace, use a pencil so as not to wreck the metal. If you’re making an imprint in soap, take care not to bend the ring and wipe off any soap residue on the jewellery. 

Pros and Cons: 



  • It’s the sneakiest way to find out
  • You can easily get a very accurate estimate
  • Your partner will have no idea
  • Your partner might worry if a piece of jewellery goes missing
  • You might get caught tracing/ taking a ring

3. Take A Guess 

There’s nothing wrong with a little guesswork. If you know your partner’s hand size and can provide information about whether they have petite, medium or large hands, we can do our best to help work it out from there. One option is always to go with the average size and resize it later, or go slightly larger than you think might be necessary and expect to resize. 

When trying to guess your partner’s ring size, keep in mind:

  • The size of their hands (petite, medium, large)
  • The width of their fingers
  • The length of their fingers
  • Their general stature and frame



  • You’ll have professionals helping you guess
  • You can get a pretty accurate estimate this way
  • Your partner won’t find out
  • You might get the wrong size

4. Try to Sneakily Ask

If all else fails, you can always try to ask in a way that doesn’t blow your surprise. By saying you’re buying jewellery for someone else, you might be able to get your partner’s ring size out of them. Of course, they might catch on but it’s always worth a shot. If you have a mum or sister you can use as an excuse, say that you need help getting them jewellery and you think that they have similar hand sizes. You might even buy the fake gift to make it seem more realistic, but it should help you figure out what size ring your partner wears.

How to make it believable: 

  • Ask for help around the same time you’d actually get a gift for someone. For example, try this strategy around Christmastime or your mum’s birthday for maxim stealth. 
  • Go to a jewellery shop that will tell you what size the rings are. If you try this with your partner at a place that doesn’t list ring sizes, it still might not help very much. 
  • Buy the fake “gift” ring. If it’s not too expensive, you can buy a fake gift ring. Not only will this convince your partner that you’re getting it as a gift for someone else, but you can also give that as an example of their ring size. 



  • You’ll get a very accurate guess of their ring size
  • Your partner won’t know
  • Your partner might be suspicious

5. Just ask!

All of this is fun, but we know that not everyone is up for a surprise. If you’re not trying to keep the proposal a secret, the best way to figure out your partner’s ring size is to simply ask them. 

Many people are unsure of their ring size, but it’s very straightforward to figure out. If your partner doesn’t know their size, you can take a trip to a local jeweller or department store. Often, they’ll be able to size you free of charge, and you’ll know you’ll get an accurate answer.

If that is too much trouble, just send us an email and we’d be happy to send over a ring sizing kit. Or try printing this sizing chart to give it a go yourself. 

Our sizing chart also provides a good reference point, based on other ring sizing conventions around the world. 

 Engagement Ring Resizing

If you do get your ring and it’s too small or too big, don’t fret. We offer a complimentary ring resizing with all engagement ring orders, so it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t fit perfectly. After all, the meaning behind it is what really matters — and after it’s resized, we’re sure it’ll be a perfect fit.