Mother’s Day – A Moment In Time with Lisa Danielle

Mother’s Day – A Moment In Time with Lisa Danielle

26th Apr 2024
  1. In conversation— With mother, designer & creative, Lisa Danielle

    We sat down to speak with mother, designer & creative, Lisa Danielle to find out what motherhood means to her in 2024.

    Drawn by her daughter Gigi, Lisa wears our Hand Drawn Heart Necklace, a precious keepsake imbued with love, destined to hold a special place in her heart for years to come.

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"Motherhood is a gift & a journey of learning to take care of another human and putting their needs above your own. Guiding them through this life, enjoying all the special moments with them."

—Lisa Danielle

  1. What is the biggest lesson your daughter Gigi has taught you?

    "To never stop noticing the small wonders all around us and that it’s always a good time to have a good time!"

  1. One piece of advice that you would share to other mums & mums to be?

    "Even though our job is to take care of these little humans, it’s just as important to take care of ourselves. We can be better parents when we are rested or take time out to do things we love. I think it’s beautiful to show our children that we can still have our own passions, careers, pampering time, or just a girls trip every now & then."

  1. What did your career look like prior to becoming a mother? Did your career change at all after welcoming your daughter Gigi?

    "I was already working freelance as a content creator when I had Gigi, so not much has changed since then! I absolutely love my job and am so lucky how flexible it is, I try to mainly work the days she is at daycare, but my husband is a freelance photographer so we can both take turns parenting & go with the flow each week!"

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