Reasons to consider a replica Proposal Ring

Reasons to consider a replica Proposal Ring

31st May 2024
Kayla Murray Kayla Murray
  1. Embrace the flexibility of a Kate & Kole proposal ring to mark your special moment — Proposing to your significant other is a task filled with excitement, anticipation & at times, a little nervousness. One of the biggest challenges you might face is selecting the perfect ring style that suits your partner’s unique style.

    At Kate & Kole, we understand that committing to a ring purchase is a big investment - so we offer an innovative solution, our beautiful Proposal Ring collection. These rings are perfect for those who are ready to pop the question, without a specific style in mind.

    Our Proposal Rings are available to loan in an array of our best-selling signature styles, featuring high quality cubic-zirconia stones in replacement of lab-grown diamonds.
  1. The benefits of a replica ring —
  1. Eliminates the guesswork – Choosing a ring can feel like an overwhelming mix of styles & sizes. What if the ring you selected wasn’t exactly what they had in mind? By opting for a Proposal Ring, you can propose with confidence - knowing that you can design the real thing together at a later date.
  2. Financial savviness – Investing in a ring comes with a significant upfront cost. A replica ring allows you to make a smaller initial purchase, so that you can allocate more resources to designing a custom ring your partner will love after the agreed loan period.
  3. The focus is on the moment – A proposal is made so special as a result of your love & commitment to your partner. With a replica ring, the focus of your engagement remains on your emotional journey together, rather than the material aspect of the jewellery. 
  4. Flexibility to design the ring together – A collaborative ring design appointment is a special experience for both you & your partner. It ensures that their forever piece is a true reflection of their personal style and your shared story. At Kate & Kole, we offer a bespoke creation service to assist you with crafting the perfect engagement ring.
  1. Our signature proposal ring styles —

Our ever-expanding collection of Proposal Rings feature stunning designs that cater to a variety of style preferences. Each piece is meticulously crafted to mirror the elegance of our lab-grown diamond engagement rings. 

Explore our Proposal Ring collection here – to select from our range of classic solitaires, modern toi et moi rings, or timeless trilogy designs.

  1. How the loan process works —
  1. Select a Proposal Ring – Choose from our suite of cubic zirconia rings in various finger sizes & styles.
  2. Propose with confidence – Use the proposal ring to pop the question, knowing you’ll have the ability to alter the design together afterwards.
  3. Book a Design Consultation – During or after the 30 day loan period, book an appointment with our expert Bespoke Team to create the ring of their dreams.

At Kate & Kole, we believe that the proposal can be just the start of your ring design journey. By choosing a replica ring, you’ll not only feel less pressure at the time of purchase, but also excitement at the opportunity to design your partner’s perfect ring together.