Here's Why We Only Use Lab-Grown Diamonds

Here's Why We Only Use Lab-Grown Diamonds

25th Oct 2022
Kayla Murray Kayla Murray
  1. Diamonds may be forever, but just like any good thing, the industry comes with its own set of questions and concerns. In recent years, awareness about the unsustainable practices involved with diamond mining has grown. And when you’re in the process of shopping for an engagement ring, it can start to feel very overwhelming to find the perfect piece - while also ensuring that your purchase won’t contribute to greater damage to our planet.

As a brand, we have chosen to work exclusively with lab-grown diamonds in all of our jewellery pieces.

Sourcing stones that are grown using this advanced technological method allows us to be 100% certain that they are conflict free and environmentally conscious, all while being visually indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

By opting for lab-grown diamonds, we’re also able to ensure that there is no uncertainty or scepticism about the origins of your stone. All diamonds come paired with GIA or IGI certification, and have been carefully selected from one of three industry leading growers - located in New York, Washington and Antwerp.

We absolutely love that our customers can pour their hearts into these special pieces, without any ethical doubts that may arise surrounding mining practices.

  1. What does “lab grown diamond” mean?

    Growing diamonds in a lab might sound simple in theory, but in reality it's quite a complex process. Essentially, diamond growers have now perfected the technology required to recreate the gems in a laboratory, exactly how they would naturally be formed underground over millions of years.

    The lab-grown diamonds we select for our pieces are classified as Type 2A - grown using the Chemical Vapour Deposition, or CVD method. To generate the CVD process, a seed from a mined diamond is planted in a low-pressure microwave chamber. Hydrogen and methane gases are then introduced, and a microwave generator pumps energy in, igniting a glowing plasma ball.

    Carbon molecules rain on the seed, layering on top of it and fast-tracking the natural crystallisation process. The entire growing process is then able to be completed within six to ten weeks. 

    CVD is often considered the “most natural” of lab-grown methods, as Type 2A diamonds undergo no artificial post-treatment to enhance their colour or clarity after being released from the growth chamber. This means that the diamond grower has no control over the final colour of the stone, or whether there will be inclusions present - so the diamonds are available to source across the full quality spectrum.

    Once grown, the rough diamond is cut and polished by a master diamond cutter - using the same process applied to mined diamonds.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

There are so many wonderful reasons to choose lab grown diamonds! 

In addition to being conflict-free, there are many other positives to choosing this modern diamond alternative: 

  • The look: Who doesn’t love the sparkle of diamonds? Yes, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, brilliant and bright, the perfect centrepiece for any engagement ring or fine jewellery item.
  • Our lab grown diamonds are sourced exclusively from one of Australia’s finest suppliers - with over 50+ years of industry experience. Being the highest quality, they are chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds without any artificial post-treatment. So you can be sure they’re 100% the real deal. 
  • Increased purity: Because lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment, they are less likely to contain dirt or debris that can often be trapped inside the stone while it grows underground. More shine and less grit, what more could you want? 

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes! Lab grown diamonds are just as real as they get. With an identical physical and chemical DNA make-up to mined diamonds, there is nothing that makes lab grown diamonds fake or inauthentic in any way. 

All of the lab-grown diamonds that we use in our designs are tested and certified by the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a true diamond for your special piece.

Just like mined diamonds, lab-grown stones won’t discolour over time or damage with heat. A diamond is the hardest substance known to man, so the surface is unable to be scratched by anything other than another diamond. 

Essentially, choosing a lab-grown diamond for your engagement ring is a more sustainable and cost-effective way to achieve the unbeatable diamond sparkle you know and adore.

  1. Lab Grown Diamonds Vs Natural

    As far as the actual diamond is concerned, there is virtually no difference between natural diamonds and lab cut diamonds. Physically and chemically they are identical, and the process in which they are polished and cut is the same too. 

    However, the growing process used to create the diamonds is where things vary. While natural diamonds are gems found naturally under the earth and obtained through mining, lab grown diamonds are created through a unique scientific process that replicates the natural phenomena that would usually occur underground.

    One major factor to weigh when considering lab grown diamonds vs natural is the ethical component. Most people are aware that purchasing diamonds can inadvertently contribute to conflict worldwide. Even when you choose “conflict free” diamonds which are mined, it can be extremely difficult to verify whether the claim is true or not.

    In addition to the human cost, mining has a huge impact on the environment. While it is the traditional way diamonds have been acquired in the past, mining is definitely not the best way. And now, we have something even better. Thanks to technology, we can now grow diamonds without contributing to the negative impacts — so our perspective is, why not?

Price of Lab Grown Diamonds

Just like mined diamonds, the price of lab grown diamonds varies based on shape, size, colour, clarity etc. 

Within our bespoke engagement ring suite, the pricing for our pieces starts from around $5k. We also offer an online Ring Builder, which is the perfect place to play around with different styles and create your very own custom piece.

If you have questions or a design request in mind, please get in touch. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and we love working closely with our customers to source their perfect stone and create their dream ring. 

  1. Our Ranges

    Here at Kate & Kole, we exclusively work with lab grown diamonds. If your interest is piqued and you’ve decided a lab-grown diamond will be perfect for your forever piece, we’d love for you to explore our signature collection of engagement ringswedding bands and fine jewellery pieces.

    Our bespoke team is also available via email or by appointment, to chat with you further about our beautiful designs and production process.