Diamond Letter Charm

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Diamond Letter Charm
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Add a beautiful brilliance to your piece with the addition of our Diamond Letter Charm.


Our Diamond Letter Charms are designed to be added to your existing Kate & Kole Necklace. Whether you choose your own initials, those of a loved one or spell out something special, these necklace are made to be everyday reminders of what matter to you.

Diamond Letters cannot be added to chains retrospectively without a jeweller.

For more information about the process for adding new letters and returning your piece, please contact us.

Note: Our Diamond Letter Charms are not intended for individual sale.

Q: Can I add an individual charm myself?

A: Our Diamond Letter Charms will need to be added by a jeweller. This is due to the small hole through the charm which is approximately 1.3mm. The clasp will need to be removed and then the charm added to the chain and then a jeweller will need to solder the clasp back on.

Q: Can you add the charm to a chain purchased from another jewellery store? 

A: If you want to add one of our charms to a chain purchased from another place you will need to source a local jeweller to add this on for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to add the charm to another brand's chain. 

Q: Will you send the finished charm to me before I send my piece back to you to add? 

A: Once you have purchased your individual charm, you will need to return your piece to us. Our expert jewellers will add the new charm to your chain, clean and polish your other charms, and then send the completed piece back to you.

Q: Are your charms solid gold and silver?

A: Our charms come in solid 9ct gold or solid 18ct gold. Our silver charms are solid and made with tarnish-resistant alloys.

Q: How do I return my chain to add on my new charm?

A: To send your Kate & Kole chain back please contact our customer service team for the return information.

For more frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQs page.