Solid Gold Small Round Huggies

Solid Gold Small Round Huggies
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These solid gold huggies are an everyday staple; comfortable, minimal and effortless.


A small pair of round huggies are snug fitting earrings designed to hug the earlobe closely — Creating a sleek and minimalist look.

Material: Solid gold

External Diameter: 7.5mm

Internal Wire: 2mm


Sold As: Matched Pair

Please Note: The model is wearing the Solid Gold Small Round Huggies in her second piercing.

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Q. What does ‘Ready to Ship’ mean?

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Q: Is it okay to shower with my Solid Gold Small Round Huggies in?

A:The 9ct gold we use is a solid alloy - so they will not tarnish. As far as durability, they are safe to be worn as an everyday piece - however as with any fine jewellery piece, I'd recommend taking it off while showering, swimming, sleeping and going to the gym where possible as these activities may apply external pressures to the hoops.

Q: How do I care for my Solid Gold Small Round Huggies?

A: Limit exposure to chemicals, perspiration, chlorine, moisturisers, and fragrances. Direct sunlight can also cause jewellery to tarnish, we recommend removing your Solid Gold Small Round Huggies before you go swimming or sunbathing. Additionally, avoid wearing these huggies whilst doing strenuous activities and sports.

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