Lab Grown Diamonds

This morning we launch our first piece that held a diamond. We have chosen to use lab grown diamonds because they have a reduced level of impact on the environment and their are no uncertainties on how they were attained.

We use stones from Biron Diamonds

Laboratory grown diamonds are grown from a specialised carbon plate known as a seed. The seed is placed inside a low-pressure microwave chamber.

Hydrogen and methane gases are then introduced. A microwave generator pumps energy into the chamber that ignites a glowing plasma ball.

Carbon molecules rain on the seed, layering on top of it and fast-tracking the natural crystallization process.

The process is completed within six to ten weeks.

The diamond is cut and polished by a master diamond cutter, the same as if it was a mined diamond.

It is then certified by ADGL.

To aid in identification every stone* is laser inscribed BIRON LABORATORY GROWN with an individual certification number starting with “L.” Part of the long inscription can still be read (with a loupe) in most settings. *over 0.50ct

Some FAQ's about lab grown diamonds

Are Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds real diamonds?

Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are in every way the same as a mined diamond, making them a real diamond. Laboratory grown diamonds and mined diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties. The only difference being a mined diamond comes from the ground and a laboratory grown diamond comes from a lab. As with roses you would order from a florist, they would not go out to a field and hand pick your bouquet, they would be from a greenhouse.  

What is the difference between a moissanite and a Laboratory Grown Diamond?

There are many differences between a moissanite and a laboratory grown diamond. Chemically they are made of different elements meaning their refractive index, density and hardness all differ to laboratory grown diamonds and natural diamonds. Moissanites also physically look different to laboratory grown diamonds. 

How do I tell the difference between a Biron Laboratory Grown Diamond and a mined diamond?

All Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds have BIRON LABORATORY GROWN inscribed on the girdle of the diamond as well as a certification number starting with “L.” This certificate can be checked on the ADGL certificate check section of

Will they change colour over time?

All of our Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds are stable and permanent and will never fade or change colour.  

Will they change colour or damage with heat?

Biron Laboratory Grown Diamonds will not change colour or damage with heat with the exception of pink diamonds. As with any pink diamond- natural, treated or laboratory grown- care must be taken when using heat. 

Will they scratch?

Laboratory grown diamonds are the same as mined diamonds.  Only a diamond can scratch a diamond. 

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