Bold Baroque Pearl Earrings

Bold Baroque Pearl Earrings
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A pair of solid 9ct gold hoops strung with natural baroque pearls - creating our boldest pearl earrings yet.


A unique hardware design take on our baroque pearl earrings to another level. A bold hoop-hinged earring with the solid gold hanging hard wear pearl charm - A versatile piece that can be worn with or without the pearl adornment.

Material: Solid gold or silver

Pearl: 25 x 15mm Freshwater Baroque

Earring Diameter: 10mm

Finish: Polished

Sold As: Complementary Pair with Matched Earrings

This piece is made-to-order and can take up to 4 weeks to be produced. If you require your piece earlier than this, please contact us to discuss your order.

If you require your piece by a certain date, our Collection Piece Priority Service may be the right option for you. This service will allow your piece to be created within 2 weeks, please contact us if you require a sooner priority date.

Q: Are the Bold Baroque Pearl Earrings solid gold?

A: Yes, Our Bold Baroque Pearl Earrings are consciously crafted in solid gold.

Q: Are your Baroque Pearls natural?

A: Yes, we use natural, freshwater baroque pearls for our pearl pieces, including our Bold Baroque Pearl Earrings.

Q: How do I look after my Bold Baroque Pearl Earrings?

A: Try to avoid storing your pearls alongside other jewellery, or with pieces that can scratch the surface of the pearl. A soft, breathable bag is a perfect place to store your Bold Baroque Pearl Earrings. Pearls need moisture so don't store them in an airtight container.

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