Tiny Letter Charm

Tiny Letter Charm
Regular price $75

Add an individual Tiny Letter Charm to your existing Kate & Kole piece so as your family grows or your friendships flourish so can your beautiful and meaningful piece.


If you are purchasing as a later addition, you will need to return your piece to us or take your piece to a local jeweller to solder the new letter onto your Kate & Kole chain. Please get in touch with us here if you'd like a single charm sent to you.

Each charm has a tiny hole through the centre, approximately 1.3mm wide, for the chain to thread through. To add new charms onto the chain - the clasp will first need to be removed, the new charms threaded on, and then the clasp soldered back onto the chain by our jewellers.

Note: Tiny Letter Charms cannot be added to chains retrospectively without a jeweller. Our Tiny Letter Charms are not intended for individual sale.