5 Reasons Why Birthstone Necklaces make the Perfect Gift

5 Reasons Why Birthstone Necklaces make the Perfect Gift

 It's Christmas next week. Next week. If you're not organised yet, don’t panic. 

We’ve got you: Birthstone Necklaces. Special, personal, and truly stunning they make the perfect gift. 

Of course, we love them just because, but here we’ll break down a few reasons why a birthstone necklace just might be the “it” gift for someone special in your life this year. 


5 Reasons to Gift a Birthstone Necklace: 


1.It’s Personal.

Giving someone a birthstone necklace as a gift can show them that — yes— you do pay attention to the little details. Whether it’s a colleague, sibling, or friend, a birthstone necklace shows that you took the time to think about a gift specific to them. While it may seem like a small gesture, it’s usually these little details that mean the most to others. 


2.Stones Can Have a Deeper Significance

When you purchase a birthstone necklace, you’re likely choosing based on which stone matches which month. But beyond that, the gems that are typically considered birthstones can also carry a deeper meaning. 

For example, Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is also said to have protective and healing properties. Ruby, the birthstone for July, is said to remove limitations. Based on the recipient’s current life situation, you might be drawn to choose a particular gem for them based on its properties. Just because they’re assigned by month, doesn’t mean it needs to limit you! 

  1. They Look Great Layered

Simple but special, birthstone necklaces make the perfect layering pieces. Whether layered with other gold pieces or different birthstone necklaces, they will truly complete an ensemble. Just imagine giving your loved one a different coloured birthstone necklace each year, and slowly watching a rainbow of necklaces build up in their collection… so idyllic. 

  1. You Can Capture a Moment

Birthstones aren’t exclusively for birth months alone. Although that may be the intention, we tend to think that they have a limitless possibility in terms of holding sentiment. Choose a special day that you want to remember with this person, and base the birth month on that. If you opened a business with your bestie in March, gift her an Aquamarine necklace to remind her of your special bond every day. Did you meet your significant other during January? Then opt for Garnet. See? So many possibilities!  

  1. They’re Beautiful

Any way you slice the pie, the most important takeaway is that birthstone necklaces are beautiful. And who doesn’t love to receive a beautiful piece of thoughtful jewellery? 

Admittedly, we’re a little biased, but Kate & Kole’s birthstone necklaces strike the perfect balance of special and versatile. 

Because we believe in these necklaces and want everyone to have, we’ve given two options. For something less expensive, you can purchase a replica glass stone on a plated chain, or for something fancier, a genuine gemstone on a solid gold chain. 

No matter what suits your gifting preferences better, we promise that the look, feel and lustre of the birthstone necklace will be something you’re truly proud to gift. 

Now that you’re armed with some evidence, it’s time to have a browse. Click here  to discover our different birthstone necklaces, we know it’ll be a gift to remember!